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If you put ur mind to it..

If u remembered last time i challenged tlm to get an A in either maths or english. As a reward, i told him that i will give him my nintendo ds lite.

He got his maths result first and it wasn't good. This was due to him not understanding some of the questions and not enuff time.

All the other subjects were as expected but since tlm's school had their english week, he didn't get his english result until today.

My boy got an A for his english. I'm pleasantly surprised. I mean he is getting better with his english, but i didn't expect to see him did as well as he did.

So a deal is a deal. Congratulations tlm, ur now the proud owner of ur daddy's faithful nintendo ds.

But we're not responsible parents if we can't insert some form of escape clause into the whole deal. Tlm can keep the ds provided that he maintains the A for his future exams.

Hopefully that will be incentive enuff for him to work even harder.

See la how eh?

the day of the underdog..

so kris allen won the idols. wei hei. despite my pick adam lambert putting up a good fight, the americans have decided that the mild mannered kris is more worthy than the glamrock showboating lambert.

unlike af where only the winner gets the opportunity to shine (well maybe not all the winners - only the sms revenue generating ones), the last two of the idols usually are sorted. but then again if u ask me who were the 7 runners up before this i probably can't name half of them.

but not adam.

if he picks the right concept he probably can go far.

heh. we're not americans so why should we care. hehe i think i saw somewhere, someone was annoyed by the fact that american idols is such a global phenomenon that even those who are not directly responsible to determine the outcome should get so excited over the result. biar la luncai terjun dengan labu-labunya.

the results show was entertaining, well at least i thought it was anyways. glambert didn't look a bit outta place rocking it o…

two years and i want some more..

so we're all kinda impressed with this little gizmo that we got for tlm. its this small 20 question thingamajig that supposedly reads minds. u think about something and answer 20 questions that the machine throws at ya and then it will guess the answer. we tried it with a few stuff and it was bang on the money. elevators, bra, a girlfriend, but it did get some wrong guesses. which the machine quirkily retorts - aah so human of me.

there's an online version of it which ya'll can try here.

well it was a very relaxing weekend. i had my volunteering stint on saturday with the primary school kids. brought tlm with me coz i knew he would enjoy the activities with kids his age. i asked the other volunteers taking care of the standard 6 kids to look out for him. apparently he was very active in asking questions and what not. that's good la kan. i haven't been going to the sessions for the last few sessions. the new standard 4 kids were quite a handful apparently. hehe kids e…

some things u just cant fix..

sometimes u come across things in life that just appears so wrong and broken that no matter what u do u just can't fix. these things may seem minute and small but they affect u in ways that just boggles the imagination. the best thing is probably to take a step back and assess the situation. look at what is at stake and then try to take the best action that can at least salvage whatever that ur trying to fix in the first place.

cutting ur losses is not necessarily a bad thing.

when it comes to computers and phones, i'm a self confessed 'cuba dulu baru tahu' kinda guy. in this day and age of the internet, u pretty much can have a google at whatever problems that may occur and be prepared to rectify it ur self. as long as it still can be switched on, i'll be happy to give it a whack first before giving up and leaving it to the pros.

case number 1. i recently upgraded my ubuntu from version 8.10 to 9.04. it was a simple enuff process. just downloaded the installer and th…

Airport blues..

I'm still waiting to check in. Went to the airport extremely early, partly due to me not wanting to be late and the fact that i've pretty much have ran out of things to do in london. Imagine that eh?

The trip was good. Thought i handled the briefing okay. Even if i had to pause so that the translator can explain to the guest, there wasn't any embarassing moments la, altho i did switched to malay inadvertently for one second. Note to self, please think in english next time.

I managed to get most of the items on the senorita's list. Just need to get choolates for the guys at the office and for tlm. His birthday is coming up. Not sure if u can wait a few days after his birthday or u have to apply for his mykad immediately. Maybe can wait kot.

Anyways, enuff travellin for now.

may the force be with you..

so we're already in the month of may. tlm's birthday is this month. we'll need to go to jpn to do his mykad. hehe my son will have his identification card eh. but the senorita says she'll be holding on to the card la with tlm's record with keeping stuff. hehe tlm's becoming a man. hehe coz only men have ic eh.

may also brings closer the 2nd anniversary for the sexy senorita and meself. hehe the two years has broken a couple of records already for the both of us. i think we have grown to understand one another much better. the shared responsibility of bringing up little jj and tlm has certainly brought out the best in our team.

it has been a real challenge i might add. little jj has been acting up after her 7 day stint in the uk. i think she has taken a liking to the weather and now daddy must now work his way to getting a job in the uk. "i believe"(TM) eh eju.

me? trouble? where got?

anyways after hinting profusely to the senorita, i have finally gotten m…