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welcome to the club..

the gorjes senorita was ecstatic when i told her that my nintendo ds lite can't be recharged any more. i'm not sure what's the problem yet. either the charger is screwed or *gasp maybe the ds itself is wonky. i think its still under warranty. so have to go to sunway pyramids la to have it looked at.

oh incidentally its my birthday. yep. i am now officially no longer in my twenties. and now after 4 long years, i am in the same age bracket as the senorita. hehe.

the plan was to have a quiet family dinner at chilli's. we always go there for the free dessert. last year it was a more friendly event. i.e dinner with a bunch of friends. this year i wanted to just have dinner with little jj, tlm and the senorita. the plan had to be changed at the last minute. little jj was feeling a bit under the weather. and hehe according to the senorita, we were feeling a bit anti-social so we decided to just stay home.

the resourceful gorjes senorita then did a bit of googling and found out about this service. u can order from a selection of fine restaurants and have them delivered to ur doorstep. they had chilli's on their list so if u can't go to the restaurant, u just bring the restaurant to u la kan. the only downside was we lost out on the bottomless drink and the free dessert la. but hey it was alright.

so dinner was good. footie result was even better. the gunners won 4 - 1 against wigan, coming back from a goal down. didn't get to watch the game live since they were showing the man u and chelsea games.

all in all it was a good day. goes to show that it doesn't matter where u are on ur birthday, its the company u keep that makes the difference.

those yang dah lama join club 3-0 ni, how much is the membership fee again eh?

i really appreciate all the well wishes via sms and facebook. facebook does makes it easier to keep in touch with ur friends. but the increasing amount of ridiculous quizzes are really starting to annoy me. a bit la. hehe. the only regular quizzes that i do are the movie bits. at least those have right and wrong answers. ya ya i know they're just for fun. but sometimes the results ain't even funny. hehe.

the senorita and i did a spot of reminiscing last night. we were reading up on our old archives on the things that the senorita and i did during our birthdays. i didn't notice at first but reading on, i always manage to write something on the senorita's birthday. hehe it seems that the senorita never wrote anything pun. it was immediately clear who was 'tergila-gila' kan who in this relationship eh ;P hehe. well its definitely not a sign of her loving me less la. but she did broke with the tradition with her entry today. i'm so touched. hehe it was just as well she didn't write more of these soppy entries during my previous birthdays. or i could have just fallen in love with her a lot-lot more.

another thing i found out was how different the writing was back then. i was surprised at how some of the things i wrote made a lot of sense, especially all the stuff about relationships. hehe if ever i run out of things to write, i'm gonna pull one of them 'best of' entries and just repost it again. haha. takde kerja aa tu.

i guess the senorita wasn't kidding when she said she fell in love with my writings eh. hehe nasib baik tak tulis banyak pasal game or bola back then. hehe kalau tak sure melepaaaas.. hehe.
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