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borrow-row-row ur money, gently down the drain..

lrt rides can be very mundane. i mean the most excitement u can expect is when some hot chick in a low cut top decides to bend over and give u an eye full. but even that's verging on being rare and extinct already. yep. lrt rides can be very mundane.

imagine my excitement when i found a flier stuck to my bicycle. i park at the same place every time i take the bike to work and usually u only see them fliers being stuck beneath the windshield wipers of cars. hehe. u don't get them a lot on bikes tho.

Bank Loan -Bank personal loan -Housing loan -Credit card redeem - Credit card new application bla bla bla..
maybe the local ahlong thinks i ride a bike because i can't afford a motorcycle or car!? u have to admit that since pump prices have gone down, why would someone ride a bicycle to work. it's not even fashionable any more. i dunno la about that but for someone who admittedly does not exercise, a quick cycle every morning and every evening would probably do wonders to one's health.

but seriously tho. i know the general consensus that people have now is that in order for us to get out of the economic slump, we need to spend-spend-spend more to generate the economy. but does taking up extra loans and maxing up your credit cards the way to go?

i've been doing some reading on the american remedy for the economic crisis. putting it simply, the trouble was caused by uncontrolled lending. lending money to those who are not really credit worthy. and later you have the banks and financial institution trading on how worthy someone or some company in paying off their debt. repeat the cycle a million times more and u get a whole lot of people nose deep in a whole lotta debt.

so if the problem started with lending, bailing out banks by giving them money and encouraging them to lend to people surely would not solve the problem?

this line of thought came about when i read the summary of this dude's paper. well he has a phd so whatever he says must be true right.. right.. hehe. anyways i (note that i don't have a phd) tend to agree (as most people without phd do) with what he's saying.

nature has a way of running its course. the same can probably be said of the economy. it tends to find away to even things out and finding a balance. it has a way of weeding out the weak and thriving the strong. if a company is weak or it has engaged in activities that has caused it to become no longer viable, then the right thing to do is to accept the fact that it has failed. supporting it will only prolong the inevitable. and in the end u still come to the same conclusion.

a good example would be GM. months back they were asking for money to stay afloat. i think they got a few billion dollars at least. now they've gone back to talking about strategic bankruptcy. what has changed since then? maybe they underestimated the depth of trouble the company was in. if GM does go bankrupt than i think not all will shed a tear. i've read that the bankruptcy lawyers dealing with the case stand to earn a huge amount.

bet ya startin to regret not reading law at uni eh mate? hehe. nope not me. i've never even dreamed of becoming a lawyer. although i was called one by this lawyer who lived near my parents this one time. that was due to the fact that i was countering his bull shit with fecal matter from my own holy cow.

anyways, i guess we have to be prepared to cut our losses and prepare for the hard road to recovery. there's no room for sentimentality. u don't wanne be hitting rock bottom and then look for a shovel to start digging eh.

u can learn a lot about economics if u play gta chinatown wars on the DS. there's a 'dope wars' type game built in to the whole game mechanics, the theory is to always buy low and sell high. or get ur drugs for free and sell high. my life of crime has earned me $323 k. and that's just from selling drugs! but i'm wise enough to tie up my cash in assets such as properties and a host of other consumables weapons like rocket launchers and what nots. hehe my favorite at the moment is a handy taser. yep these babies can fry u faster than u can say 'the chicken is done".

i'm still 62.64% complete tho. and my criminal rank is just Mountain Master. hehe will probably spend a few mindless hours trying to get it to 100%. still haven't tried the multiplayer bit tho. anyone taking the lrt from kelana jaya to klcc with a ds and gta, please msg me for a spot of g.b.h and g.t.a. hehe.

the good thing about being a virtual criminal is u can still be a bad ass even when ur sick. i spent tuesday all doped up with cough meds and other flu medications. it seems that my pharyngitis was cute. the dr advised that i rest and rest i did. managed to catch enam jahanam on telly. i laughed all the way. how they tied everything together in the end just cracks me up. hehe detailed analysis on that surely would be fodder for another blog entry.

and because of the meds i missed the arsenal v villarreal game wednesday morning. we did manage to get the away goal. 1-1 was probably a fair result given how the game was pretty much even all the way. adebayor's goal was ridiculously fantastic. not everyone have the skills and the balls to try some shit like that. had it not gone in we'd probably be cursing but it did went in! hehe credit fabregas for the wonderful pass. so its home at the emirates next week and i'm sure villarreal will continue to press the gunners on. just imagine, if we get thru to the final, there's a potential rematch against barcelona to ogle after. provided they get pass munchen and liverpool/chelsea. and there is the matter of us beating porto.. hehe confident gile man u will go out eh. hehe.. see la how.

anyways, i'm tired and i'm spent. but i just noticed a bunch of friends on facebook celebrating their birthdays today. so to those people.. happy birthday.. here's a picture of little jj wishing ya'll a happy birthday..

how come its ur birthday and not mine?
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