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welcome to the club..

the gorjes senorita was ecstatic when i told her that my nintendo ds lite can't be recharged any more. i'm not sure what's the problem yet. either the charger is screwed or *gasp maybe the ds itself is wonky. i think its still under warranty. so have to go to sunway pyramids la to have it looked at.

oh incidentally its my birthday. yep. i am now officially no longer in my twenties. and now after 4 long years, i am in the same age bracket as the senorita. hehe.

the plan was to have a quiet family dinner at chilli's. we always go there for the free dessert. last year it was a more friendly event. i.e dinner with a bunch of friends. this year i wanted to just have dinner with little jj, tlm and the senorita. the plan had to be changed at the last minute. little jj was feeling a bit under the weather. and hehe according to the senorita, we were feeling a bit anti-social so we decided to just stay home.

the resourceful gorjes senorita then did a bit of googling and found out a…

borrow-row-row ur money, gently down the drain..

lrt rides can be very mundane. i mean the most excitement u can expect is when some hot chick in a low cut top decides to bend over and give u an eye full. but even that's verging on being rare and extinct already. yep. lrt rides can be very mundane.

imagine my excitement when i found a flier stuck to my bicycle. i park at the same place every time i take the bike to work and usually u only see them fliers being stuck beneath the windshield wipers of cars. hehe. u don't get them a lot on bikes tho.

Bank Loan-Bank personal loan -Housing loan-Credit card redeem - Credit card new applicationbla bla bla..maybe the local ahlong thinks i ride a bike because i can't afford a motorcycle or car!? u have to admit that since pump prices have gone down, why would someone ride a bicycle to work. it's not even fashionable any more. i dunno la about that but for someone who admittedly does not exercise, a quick cycle every morning and every evening would probably do wonders to one'…