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they think its all over.. it is now..

i'm relying on twitter updates from gunnerblog and arseblog for the updates on the arsenal game. they're only showing a delayed telecast a bit later. the official website is having a free streaming of the game but for some shitty reason the connection just sucks so much its almost impossible to watch. from the updates and reading the gamecast on soccernet, u just have this strange feeling that we're heading for another freaking draw. which definitely will put some serious dampers on the quest for fourth and the last champion's league spot. even everton is closing in on us at 6th spot with just one point separating the two teams after everton won at west brom.

the man ure supporting fans of the raffali clan namely ijai is of course happy. their seemingly unassailable lead at the top of the league is more sturdy than it seems. the rest of the premier league would just come in, drop their bar of soap and just bend over for the champions elect. i hate giving up so soon but hey u so have to be realistic.

anyways, the little munchkin is 12 this year. and with that age comes the process of getting his MyKad, possibly 'becoming a man' and that dreaded exam the UPSR. of all the three one is just a formality, the other might prove awkward in nature and the third is just plain ol horrifying.

i'm talking about the UPSR. i'm quite concerned with how tlm will deal with this exam. the system doesn't really have any special dispensations with his special needs. the expert we have been seeing even suggested that we skip the exam altogether and just send tlm to a private school. we considered that option but as times are much harder now, that became less feasible. i think my main concern when it comes to tlm taking the exams is the time. if he could sit and concentrate on the questions for the length of the exams he would have a chance. but knowing tlm, it will definitely be difficult for him.

i've been sitting down with tlm doing his homework and some revision stuff for his exams. he's doing okay with his english and he is fairly interested with his science. bm is a mixed bag. with the karangan being one of his weakness. can't fault him on that la kan since i also didn't get an A in mine. but maths is just so.. so.. testing my patience. its not like he can't do it. he can. if he just reads the question properly and not rush into doing things. the thing that bugs me the most is how easy it is for him to 'conveniently forget' how to do a certain question when i have repeatedly shown him how to do so.

i know i need to be more patient. something so simple to others might just be honestly difficult for tlm. entah la. need to try and focus more on his strengths and maybe just try to motivate him more.

tlm's birthday will be coming in may. hehe, time for the ol identification card eh? i remembered my old kad pengenalan with my 'muka seposen' look. it was such a big deal to get ur ic back then. u finally have a reason to carry a proper wallet. tlm has a wallet already, but i think he doesn't have anything in there apart from his daily allowance. tak nampak lagi gambar girlfriend or anything like that.

the other thing is definitely going to be awkward. i don't remember if i ever had 'the talk' with my dad when i reached puberty. i remembered the whole ur supposed to get the wet dream and what not and i still remember what mine was like. but how do u even start that conversation with ur kid? and with the wealth of information currently available, u do wonder what kind of questions ur boy would have for u. better be prepared for everything eh.

we went back to keramat around 4ish. the raffali household had been fairly quiet. with my sister all packed up and left for new delhi, bringing along the two tykes nabil and aidil and their little sister farzana, the house is all gloomy and quiet. so enter little jj to brighten the situation a bit. wan mummy and atuk aiskrem still have tlm and little jj to 'ubat rindu'. little jj was much better today. much less cranky than the last time we went. she warmed up to atuk aiskrem quite quickly. maybe its the new haircut. hehe. which reminds me that i also need one too.

pick me up please..

the gunners drew 0-0. yet again.
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