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of footie and busted sound boxes in more ways than one..

saturday's footie result was pleasant. the gunners put three past newcastle. man u lost to fulham and got rooney and scholesy sent off. chelsea lost against the spuds. the man u result kinda opens up the race a bit. liverpool have the opportunity to go just one point behind man u if they beat aston villa today. which in turn will effectively lessen the pressure on the gunners to hold on to 4th place. which is really sad. if the gunners had won a couple of them drawn games and the table would have shown something much-much tolerable.

anyways, we had our company annual appreciation dinner last friday. the invitation was for plus one only - which means that tlm and more significantly little jj will have to be left at home. it is effectively the first time the senorita and i will be leaving little jj. we got her grandma to come to the house to babysit for the night and the senorita would leave the apartment by 7 to reach the venue by the time the proceeding starts.

anyways, i was identified to sing for the house band. a bunch of guys from several departments who have mad skills decided that they wanna play a few songs to entertain the guests. we had a few practice sessions la but we were supposed to have a full rehearsal at the venue around 3pm. i figured the band would take some time to get their gear set and what nots so we singers should just come a bit later. when i got there, the crew just had the drum set on the stage. there was no keyboard, the bass guitar was still in transit. our lead and rhythm guitarist were bringing their own ax so we're short one bass.

i'm not gonna go into much detail la kan. but we managed to solve to bass problem by borrowing my brother's guitar and the keyboard appeared with some time to spare. so we did our rehearsal around 7ish.

the senorita arrived soon afterwards. all dressed up. nice. the night's theme was supposedly hollywood glam but i think someone messed up the memo to remind everyone. the glam part was all subject to personal interpretation. but there were some who really put the effort to dress the part. hehe. we had ally iskandar as the compere with guest performances from azharina and the aforementioned jazz band. the highlight of the night of course was the house band. hehe.

all mine..

i sang the second song. i thought it was okay la until i asked around and they told me that the sound quality was a bit off. tak clear. sheesh. penat oo practice tapi what to do. shit happens.

the senorita however couldn't stay on to see me sing. lucky oso since due to the sound quality it would have sucked anyways. we got a call from grandma around 9:45 pm. little jj was all crying and causing drama. my mother in law feared the worse. takut masuk angin ke ape ke. nangis tak mo stop. we had experience this before so we didn't panic. but the senorita had to excuse herself and go home la. when she got home, little jj was still crying. but as expected, when the senorita held her, she went all quiet and adorable again. hehe what to do..

anyways, the dinner ended around 11:30 pm. i managed to get the 11:45 train from klcc. lugging the door gift, my back pack, the bass guitar. stopped at taman bahagia. waited for another 30 minutes for the cab. nasib baik dapat cab.

and i was spent.

it will definitely take some more practice for little jj to get used to being left. we had a wedding to go to today. we dropped by my parents first and decided to just leave little jj there for a bit. she was all okay playing with my mom, we left and apparently when she realised that mama and papa was no where to be found, the water works started. when we got back she was all slumped on my mom, tersedu sedan, crying in her sleep. when she realised we were back she was all cute and happy again.

i hope she doesn't think that we're punishing her or something like that.

how could u leave me?.. wud probably be
her first words eh..

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