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good things come in mini packages..

so the package that the senorita has been waiting for finally arrived on monday morning. at first we wanted to just go to the store and pick something up. i did a little homework on the net to see what our options were to replace the senorita's trusted 4 yr old ibook which kaputed the other day. i've kinda accepted the fact that i can't convert the senorita tu anything other than the mac. and i have to admit that my experience with mac have all been positive. the switch from windows wasn't all that difficult.

so we set what our budget was and tried to figured out which option suited the senorita best. she had been working on an imac for a week and at first we toyed with the idea of getting just that. but there was also the offer for the white macbook selling at a discounted price to the newer single bodied aluminium macbooks. but i proposed that since the senorita had a 19 inch lcd screen lying around at the house - she won it as a lucky draw prize - why don't we just get a mac mini? there were some reservations of course. i mean although its mini in size it's not really portable ala a macbook.

but since the senorita will mostly be working from home anyways, portability wouldn't be a real issue.

so we went to the online store. just to see what do u get with a mac mini. i figured we should max out on the ram - all 4GB of it. the newer mini comes with better processor and graphics. so we figured it would be enough to suit what the senorita needed to do. mostly word processing and some image manipulation and what nots. having confirmed our requirements i thought we could simply go them stores in one utama, tell them what we wanted and can just pick the machine up and that's it.

surprise-surprise, we went to Machines and the trainee salesperson at first told us that a custom configuration like that would take - wait for it - at least a month. wtf? a month to just upgrade the ram. then i think he kinda checked with his manager and he came back to us and said that they can pretty much do it in the store since they had a technician who can do it. i thought that's great. can we do that then? the guy then said we can do the next day since the tech guy was on leave.

i said we wanna try Mac Asia instead. just to see if they can do it sooner. those guys don't have any stock. but can order one.

we were a bit disappointed. so i said to the senorita, lets just buy online. we went home. did the whole configuration and then press "ok". after the purchase was confirmed. it turns out that ships by and delivers by is two separate thing. duh. for the accessories, it ships in 24 hours and the mac mini in 2-3 business days. so i was well chuffed. but when i looked at the invoice. it has delivery dates as well. the mac will arrive by the 17th.

so we had like one week to wait. the senorita was already regretting not waiting one day to buy at the store. but i justified it by pointing out that the price online was relatively cheaper. and we get free shipping some more.

so the keyboard and mouse arrived the next day. great. i must've missed the option where all items will be delivered together bit. i was impressed with the packaging and all. so simple. and then the mini arrived on monday morning the 16th of March. i have to admit that i checked on the dhl tracking website a few times everyday just to see where the shipment was at.

the senorita was much better at hiding her excitement in waiting for the mini to arrive. she kept busy cooking up delicacies for little jj in her puree adventure. and by the look of things, little jj will definitely be experiencing a delicious assault on her taste-buds pretty soon. the senorita also managed to injure herself cutting up them chicken carcass for her chicken stock. sian dia. the things u do for love eh?

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mini'er than me?

when the package finally arrived. i was out buying breakfast and the senorita just left the box on the table, not saying anything, just to see if i noticed or not. hehe. thank god for dhl eh. it was as they say a simple plug and play job. unpacked everything. hooked up the keyboard and mouse and the screen. a simple set up and we're done. all ready to go. the mini was definitely much faster then the ibook. that's a given la kot. faster processor. better graphics. more memory. i'm sure the senorita will have a blast doing her work on the mini. we just have to finalize where we're going to put it is all.
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