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at any given point on my commute to work, i have on me several gadgets. my nokia E90, my philips mp3 player, my old tungsten t5 palm and my nintendo ds. i noticed that there are a number of things that commuters do while on their travels.

1. sleep - if ur lucky enough to get a seat on the train, this is definitely what u shud be doing. and this is also what u need to do if ur seating in one of them reserved seats and u don't feel like giving ur seat up for those more deserving.

2. listen to music - u can pretty much listen to music from a number of sources. most phones can do it. mp3 players are also getting cheaper. and yes u have ur ipods and what nots. so u can happily listen to ur favourite downloaded tunes while ur on the go. u need to ensure that u have the most geekiest looking headphones available to really stand out. for this purpose i have my pink sony retractable earphones.

3. watch videos - u can also watch videos of your favourite tv shows on the go. i'm having a blast watching the second part of heroes season 3. this is to the annoyance of those standing next to me of course. since they can't hear anything.

4. read - you can never go wrong with a good book. a correct book in hand can go a long way towards creating an impression of how u want people to see u. stephen hawking's a brief history of time would probably send out a more intelligent vibe than 50 stupid fart jokes of all time will ever give u. but nowadays people read on their electronic devices so u can't really tell the book from its cover eh.

5. play video games - now this is definitely my favourite. i've gone through the whole gamut of mobile gaming that there is. i played on my phone, my palm, a psp and now the ds. i noticed them iphones or ipod touch also looked cool with their games. but as a serious fan of rpg's i'm finding the ds pretty much spoiling me for choice. at the moment i'm playing dragon quest iv. i'm telling ya i never thought i can fell all these weird emotions just from playing a game. that scene when all the villagers banded together to protect you, the chosen one whilst all them monsters came attacking was.. so touching. especially when ur love interest morphed herself as you was killed by the monsters. sob sob.

other rpgs currently on my list include:-
dragon quest monsters
dragon quest v
disgaea ds
fire emblem - shadow dragon
blue dragon plus
chrono trigger ds
final fantasy xii - revenant wings
final fantasy christal chronicles
final fantasy tactics a2
suikoden tierkreis

do i really have time to play them all? not really. the thing with rpgs is u shud really concentrate on finishing one before starting on the other. but then again if the story is not engaging enough i tend to just switch to another rpg. but not really leaving the game entirely. i just have it on standby just in case.

er what is the point of all this again? hmm entah.
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