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my son the artist..

never mind the proportions..

the little munchkin has always been known for having a penchant for drawing stuff. and he's getting really good at it too. he drew his sister the other day and i can say the resemblance is striking.

and here's the real deal..

of footie and busted sound boxes in more ways than one..

saturday's footie result was pleasant. the gunners put three past newcastle. man u lost to fulham and got rooney and scholesy sent off. chelsea lost against the spuds. the man u result kinda opens up the race a bit. liverpool have the opportunity to go just one point behind man u if they beat aston villa today. which in turn will effectively lessen the pressure on the gunners to hold on to 4th place. which is really sad. if the gunners had won a couple of them drawn games and the table would have shown something much-much tolerable.

anyways, we had our company annual appreciation dinner last friday. the invitation was for plus one only - which means that tlm and more significantly little jj will have to be left at home. it is effectively the first time the senorita and i will be leaving little jj. we got her grandma to come to the house to babysit for the night and the senorita would leave the apartment by 7 to reach the venue by the time the proceeding starts.

anyways, i was identi…

good things come in mini packages..

so the package that the senorita has been waiting for finally arrived on monday morning. at first we wanted to just go to the store and pick something up. i did a little homework on the net to see what our options were to replace the senorita's trusted 4 yr old ibook which kaputed the other day. i've kinda accepted the fact that i can't convert the senorita tu anything other than the mac. and i have to admit that my experience with mac have all been positive. the switch from windows wasn't all that difficult.

so we set what our budget was and tried to figured out which option suited the senorita best. she had been working on an imac for a week and at first we toyed with the idea of getting just that. but there was also the offer for the white macbook selling at a discounted price to the newer single bodied aluminium macbooks. but i proposed that since the senorita had a 19 inch lcd screen lying around at the house - she won it as a lucky draw prize - why don't we ju…

consolidating your positions..

at any given point on my commute to work, i have on me several gadgets. my nokia E90, my philips mp3 player, my old tungsten t5 palm and my nintendo ds. i noticed that there are a number of things that commuters do while on their travels.

1. sleep - if ur lucky enough to get a seat on the train, this is definitely what u shud be doing. and this is also what u need to do if ur seating in one of them reserved seats and u don't feel like giving ur seat up for those more deserving.

2. listen to music - u can pretty much listen to music from a number of sources. most phones can do it. mp3 players are also getting cheaper. and yes u have ur ipods and what nots. so u can happily listen to ur favourite downloaded tunes while ur on the go. u need to ensure that u have the most geekiest looking headphones available to really stand out. for this purpose i have my pink sony retractable earphones.

3. watch videos - u can also watch videos of your favourite tv shows on the go. i'm having a bla…

kalau citer hantu mesti ade hospital kan pa?

we were watching this movie, anak on astro kirana. the one with erra fazira and ida nerina. something about ida nerina needing a baby's foetus to come up with some awet muda thingamabob and she pretty much arranged for some thugs to rape erra causing her to get pregnant and subsequently convincing erra to abort the baby.

then the ghost of the baby starts to kill all the people involved. i kinda lost the plot a bit coz was in and out of doing some other stuff. the ending was kinda expected from a malay ghost/horror movie. kalau tak mimpi. mesti berangan or some shit like that.

anyways tlm commented on the hospital bit. true ke? i mean do all ghost stories have hospital scenes in them? hmm. anyone care to do some research on that?

we were watching deal or no deal on ntv7 yesterday. the senorita and i were stumped to try and explain the whole concept to tlm. kenapa dia teka-teka bag tu papa? kenapa dia tanak amik 20k tu papa? tak paham. i think apart from how the game was played, i thin…

Way to suck balls..

After more than an hour waiting for the lrt, the technician said that it will take another one to two hours before normal service resumes,This after repeatedly saying that we're be getting outta this disruption shortly.I couldn't stand it so i walked to the nearest monorail to try my luck at kl sentral.Today of all days when i have been going back late for the last two days. The day that i could get off relatively early was when the public transport decides to suck balls.Suck balls!!!

they think its all over.. it is now..

i'm relying on twitter updates from gunnerblog and arseblog for the updates on the arsenal game. they're only showing a delayed telecast a bit later. the official website is having a free streaming of the game but for some shitty reason the connection just sucks so much its almost impossible to watch. from the updates and reading the gamecast on soccernet, u just have this strange feeling that we're heading for another freaking draw. which definitely will put some serious dampers on the quest for fourth and the last champion's league spot. even everton is closing in on us at 6th spot with just one point separating the two teams after everton won at west brom.

the man ure supporting fans of the raffali clan namely ijai is of course happy. their seemingly unassailable lead at the top of the league is more sturdy than it seems. the rest of the premier league would just come in, drop their bar of soap and just bend over for the champions elect. i hate giving up so soon but …