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My baby is just cuter than yours, ur damn right she's cuter than urs..

There's this unwritten rule amongst parents that i feel needs to be highlighted. A parent is entitled to brag about how cute their babies are, proclaiming to the whole world that their baby IS the most cutifullest baby in the whole wide world. They are entitled to show their colleagues pics of said baby and if they feel the need to put up desktop wallpapers or even as a profile pic on whatever social media services out there, they are entitled to do so.

All parents can do this to their hearts content. Part of this rule however is implicit of the condition that NO other parents or non parents for that matter would be allowed to openly slag off said baby. Be it for reasons such as the said baby girl looks like a boy. The cute baby is fugly. Or any other reasons that ur insensitive head can think off.

Example. Parent A shows off the latest pic of his baby girl who is a cross between the tasmanian devil and daffy duck. No matter how easy it is to kutuk and ngata, we all should try to refrain from OPENLY discussing how fugly said baby looked like.

All babies are cute. It is ALWAYS okay to big up ur own kid but never at the expense of another poor baby.

Example. Eh my little girl is so cute she makes shiloh jolie-pitt look just SHY LOH. The correct response to this would be. Aww, really.. Awww.. The incorrect answer is NOT HAH, lagi cute dari Shiloh? Muka macam budak laki, heh.

The reason this rule is so important is slagging off a baby is not really cool. Said baby is not really in control of how he or she looks like. Its not the same as slagging ur friend's poor choice of clothes or handbag. Those fashion faux pas are concsious decisions made by fully functional able minded adults. When u just pick on a parent for being proud of a baby by going to town on how said baby look than its just sad la.

If u can't say something nice, then just shut the fuck up. Keep it to urself la. It won't mean the end of the world for u to just be nice and ignore it.

I'm sure most of us can be tactful in this sense. Sometimes u have friends telling u how beautiful their girlfriends are only for u to be left wondering what the fuss was all about when u finally meet them. Although, my dad wud not fall into this category. He's fairly blunt when it comes to telling u how he feels when it comes to looks. I remembered one of my uncles bringing a girl over to meet my dad, after the girl left he just point blankly said - huduh cam tu ko nak buat bini? Well i'm paraphrasing but that was the gist of what he said. Suffice to say that uncle didn't continue with the relationship.

Now for all we know the girl was nice and what not and she probably would have made a good wife. Is this a good example? Entah.

Anyways, i'm not bringing this up because someone said little jj was fugly or anything like that. Although some anonymous person did comment that she looked 'kasar' when she was born and looked like a boy. Heh i deleted the comment since i thought that it would not make good reading for the senorita who had gone through 'hell' to bring little jj into the world.

Nope, little jj IS the cutifullest baby in the whole world and that's all i gots to say about that.

toe-sucking rules!!
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