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does it come with instructions?

so out of curiosity i decided to update my E90 firmware to the latest version. this time i waited until a suitable 'hacking' solution was found before i did the upgrade. didn't notice any much difference from the last firmware revision. supposedly there's some bug fixes and what nots but from the forums, it looked like the update brought about more negative quirks then fixes. but i dunno la. will probably see what its like after more intensive use. i dunno about the rest of ya, but so far i haven't known any of my friends who are particularly interested 'liberating' phones by themselves.

if u talk about applying cracks on installed games and cd crack for programs, i'm sure i can find some who have done it or know about it. but not phones. maybe they're just satisfied with the out of the box functions or better yet, they're willing to PAY for the extra functions - which i really doubt. but not me. i find it really interesting. i have to admit that i'm just a user, who's good at following instructions. i'm not yet at that level where i can do programming and crack stuff. although it would be an interesting side project to learn about it. probably get some tips from them teenage crackers out there. you'd be surprised at how young them programmers are nowadays.

so the weekend was something new. the senorita was due for some hard earned rest, so it was a day off at the spa for her with me looking after little jj and the little munchkin. the senorita was a little apprehensive at first, she never really left little jj for more than a couple of hours. but after showing me what to do with the food and what not, i assured her that she had nothing to be worried about.

so the senorita left for her spa thingy around 2. little jj was behaving herself okay. plus she had her brother to entertain her. then it was time for her usual feed. mommy's boobies was no where to be found. so she had to settle for milk from a bottle. she had gotten used to the bottles mommy got her unlike the usual bottles that we got her the first time. anyways, she was used to drinking water and juice from the bottle but we haven't got her used to drinking milk from that bottle. anyways, little jj took one swig/suck and was confused at first. but iu guess she was really hungry, she just started sucking and sucking and before u know it, she was almost done.

good little jj. then she was fairly subdued playing with her toys and stuff. watching the telly and being generally a good girl. she took a nap around 4ish. and in between that i think i stole a few minutes myself. coz there was something on the telly and when i opened my eyes there was something else. little jj was still asleep of course and tlm was busy with his gameboy.

then around 5ish little jj woke up. and i know now that the first thing she would look for is her mom. or maybe her mommy's pair of boobies. since daddy had none i had to improvise. gave her some water to drink. and then did the whole funky dance and silly sounds and noises. attempted to sing and i guess it kinda work coz she was all okay. the senorita was still indisposed and i think around 6ish i started to make little jj her dinner when the senorita came back. whilst i was quite relieved that she came back at the time, i really thought that little jj behaved quite well for all the time her mommy was away.

maybe we could do it more often. but i really wanna be more prepared la next time. i'm sure everything just comes naturally with the senorita. i mean she had been doing this all this while when i'm at work and what not. it's good that she could take some time off every now and then to do her stuff. she's not a superwoman u know. although sometimes she does act like one, doing all the stuff that she do. but she's only human and she needs some time off to recharge her worn batteries.

i guess i really need to up my game and help her out more. raising a family is a team event and i know i need to pitch in with my share of the work too. sometimes i can be oblivious to the fact that there's a lot of stuff to be done at the house. i know i got my regular weekend gig of wiping for dust and vacuuming during the weekends. i know i can start helping out with the feeding too. did that for a few times and it worked out okay. every little bit helps eh? so see la how.

i guess when it comes to raising a family, u need to write down ur own instructions and just follow it.
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