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does it come with instructions?

so out of curiosity i decided to update my E90 firmware to the latest version. this time i waited until a suitable 'hacking' solution was found before i did the upgrade. didn't notice any much difference from the last firmware revision. supposedly there's some bug fixes and what nots but from the forums, it looked like the update brought about more negative quirks then fixes. but i dunno la. will probably see what its like after more intensive use. i dunno about the rest of ya, but so far i haven't known any of my friends who are particularly interested 'liberating' phones by themselves.

if u talk about applying cracks on installed games and cd crack for programs, i'm sure i can find some who have done it or know about it. but not phones. maybe they're just satisfied with the out of the box functions or better yet, they're willing to PAY for the extra functions - which i really doubt. but not me. i find it really interesting. i have to admit tha…

My baby is just cuter than yours, ur damn right she's cuter than urs..

There's this unwritten rule amongst parents that i feel needs to be highlighted. A parent is entitled to brag about how cute their babies are, proclaiming to the whole world that their baby IS the most cutifullest baby in the whole wide world. They are entitled to show their colleagues pics of said baby and if they feel the need to put up desktop wallpapers or even as a profile pic on whatever social media services out there, they are entitled to do so.

All parents can do this to their hearts content. Part of this rule however is implicit of the condition that NO other parents or non parents for that matter would be allowed to openly slag off said baby. Be it for reasons such as the said baby girl looks like a boy. The cute baby is fugly. Or any other reasons that ur insensitive head can think off.

Example. Parent A shows off the latest pic of his baby girl who is a cross between the tasmanian devil and daffy duck. No matter how easy it is to kutuk and ngata, we all should try to re…

The morning after..

Is it possible to live without regrets? Sometimes i wonder if those who say that they could would actually wake up every morning thinking about the choices that they made, the ones that led them to that supposed undesirable outcome. U wonder if they are content in fooling themselves. Starting each day looking for that affirmation that hey fuck that shit, i'm alright.

I'm sure we all have our own story. Whatever it is we still need to live our lives. So ur pretty much stuck with the outcome of ur choices.

I dunno why i have to be so bleak sometimes.

Anyways, little jj is going through her first sick phase. It started last thursday when she developed a slight temperature so we had to take her to the doctor. The doctor gave some fever meds and told us to monitor her temperature. Then over the weekend just as her fever has subsided, she started to feel a bit queasy with some vomiting and coughing.

We took her to the doctor again on monday although the doctor couldn't determine def…

just one of them soppy entries..

the last time the senorita and i went out on v-day was two years ago. i think it was dinner somewhere in klcc kot. last year i was away. this year it's not really feasible. sometimes u do wonder how la u would get to do all the fun stuff that u did before ur life changed. but whenever that thought crops up, i just take one look at the smiling face of little jj and just sigh.. i wudn't trade this for anything in the world.

over the years i noticed that when it comes to the month of february, i've always had something to say about this topic of love. considering that i've gone through the whole gamut of feelings that u can experience from love, u wud expect la i had a lot to say about it la kan.

anyways, this year i told the senorita i'll write her one nice soppy entry. and the problem with that is u don't la put pressure on urself by telling that person u love that u wud be writing a nice angau entry. u shud just go ahead and write la. tak pasal-pasal aje give her…

little jj..


bike me..

when i bought my foldable bike in june, i was given this card where whenever i come in to service the bike, they would gimme a stamp and after 6 visits within 2 years i would be entitled to 20% discount for my next purchase. well i only manage to get the 1 stamp which i got today.

the gear shifting was a bit twitchy and the breaks were also getting wonky. so i figured why don't i just go and have the bike looked at. i cycled to kelana jaya lrt like always and took the lrt to bangsar. got off. unfolded and cycled to jalan telawi.

i am not fit. i think we've established this fact a long time ago. from the lrt station, there's a sizable climb along jalan maarof, before u get to jalan telawi. holding my phone on one hand for directions (gps) it was borderline reckless cycling. but i made it there in one piece.

when i got to rodalink, i told the guy that i want my bike serviced. he asked me what was wrong with it? well for starters the gear shifting was twitchy and i asked if he …


What happened just now in the lrt was a bit scary. This small boy came walking through the crowded train. Passed me and topped a bit further up. Everyone was buzzing, anyone lost a kid? But no one came. Then this RapidKL jacket wearing dude came over. Apparently the kid lost his bottle. So the rapidkl dude brought the bottle over and promptly got out at masjid jamek.

Then suddenly this one elderly grandpa type starts to call out for his cucu la kot. Small kid, yeay high with a bottle.Some of us motioned to him and told him that the rapidkl dude has gotten off with the kid at the previous station. He looked anxious and immediately got off at pasar seni.

There's quite a few scary points from this incident.

1. Losing a kid in a crowded lrt - please la don't let kids wander alone like that.
2. The dude in the rapidkl get up. How sure are we that he is who he says he is?
3. The grandpa even. Betul ke dia grandpa?

Scary if u really think about it kan?

Hopefully the kid is okay.

Why Arshavin will be a great signing for the gunners..

We finally got confirmation on the whole andrei arshavin transfer. As usual you can only truly trust the official announcement from So he will wear the number 23.

He will probably become a great success at arsenal. Besides from being a creative player adept at unlocking defences, the key to success is in his name.

When arsene came over he won the double in his first full reason. Notice the ARS in his name? He was born to manage ARSenal!

In ARShavin we have someone who was born to play for the ARSenal!

Ya know that its lame.

Hopefully he can make an immediate impact especially in the north london derby against the spuds.

How to make someone fall in love with you..

I was on my way home, listening to some background tunes, in the packed lrt when this girl came in. She was holding this book, how to make someone fall in love with you. I think la the title went. Anyways having not read the book at all, and not really bothering to google for the summary, i will categorically say that i disagree with the title.

You can't really make someone love you. I tried and failed. And yes it sucked like nobody's business. I won't dwell on it much tho. I'm not the first and i won't be the last person to have tried and failed.

So nope. U can't make someone love u.

What u can do however is to give reasons for someone to love you. Er is that not the same as making someone love you? I don't think so. Making somebody love u has a forceful tone to it and believe u me, no one loves to be forced. Instead give reasons for someone to love u.

If its compelling enough than the case for that person to love you would be much more stronger. Hehe and yes…

link love..

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lets experiment now shall we?

as i remember correctly, i have a friend who's very into alternative operating systems for his computers. when we were in high school we had dreamed of a quad processor g5 tower. he wasn't much into windows. a few years back he introduced me to ubuntu. basically its a linux based operating system. a capable alternative to mainstream windows or even mac(dunno la about this) he needed to use a work place address so that he could request for the installation cds to be sent. he asked if i could use my office address.

i said okay. i was curious also of what the whole system is about. i think this was back in 2004 or 2005. so in the end i got myself a bunch of ubuntu installation cds which i never managed to try.

anyways, i noticed that dol has since become an expert in the whole ubuntu gig. i didn't know why but the other day i was again curious at what ubuntu had to offer. so i downloaded the installation cd and made a bootable disk from the iso i torrented.

the installation wen…