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i 'd like to see ur bowls.. ur big brass bowls..

muz and i have this thing when we have like bowling nights. i think it started before he got married. and then when he got married it was whenever eju has something on and he's like all alone. he'd call me up for bowling. our favourite spot was federal bowl. where u can get 1 game free for every 5 games.

now with all this bowling u'd think i'd be good by now. hehe no such luck. i still throw the ball straight and just hope for the best. i really need to work on my spin. heheh what spin??

anyways, muz googletalked me earlier in the week asking if i wanted to have one last go at bowling before he packs up and leave for the uk. the early notice was to check if it was okay with the senorita what with little jj being all cranky at night and what not. times have changed since the single days eh. i checked to see who else was available. booked a lane at one utama's ubowl and that was it la.

told them to come at 8.30 and just quote my name and number.

when it came time for the farewell bowling guess la sapa yang sampai around 9:05?

naz arrived first. then muz. they started without me la kan. hehe then we arrived. the senorita was annoyed at my slight indecision with the parking. we found a spot but this girl was standing there calling her friend on her phone. macam nak book plak. if were up to the senorita dia just lanyak aje kot. the next parking spot i missed because i drove too fast. dah terlajak nak reverse cannot because the car was coming out. had to go round another time before we decided to try our luck on the 5th floor.

luckily got parking.

little jj was behaving fairly well. tlm was just excited to go out. we met up with naz and muz at the bowling alley. it was very loud. the senorita then left for parkson to do some shopping. so little jj was left bowling with papa. naz brought her camera and she went nuts la snapping little jj. and what with little jj doing that thing pouting her mouth like that. hehe here i go again. on and on about little jj. what were we talking about again.

oh the farewell bowling.

usually muz and i would play like three games. i need one game to warm up. muz doesn't so usually first game always goes to him. hehe by the second game, i'm all fired up already. and by fired up ni doesn't mean i'm bagging strikes left right and center. hehe setakat psyched aje la.

anyways tonight was more relax and leisurely. little jj pun join sekali. its hard to throw a ball while holding a baby. i'm sure that would be frowned upon along the lines of britney spears driving with her baby on her lap. hehe so i just did it the two times. hit me baby one more time. after that little jj had her own little merry go round of ayah muz, auntie naz and myself.

ezanee came around just as we were finishing the second game. and the senorita finished with her shopping. and little jj kinda took that as a cue for her to want some boobage. the senorita tried to feed her there and then. but she wouldn't take. we went looking for a nursing room. one utama sucks compared to sunway pyramids in that sense la. but we were pleasantly surprised with the parenting room we found inside parkson. the senorita would probably give it a glowing review.

little jj even managed to squeeze in a quick nap in the midst of the noisy people celebrating strikes.

anyways, back to the bowling, we had time for one last game. ezanee started off fairly well with a strike. i had a couple of spares and a strike. muz did his thang and ended up with the highest score. hehe we joked coz it's his farewell, we let him win anyways.

3 and a half men and balls

so that was that. since it was already late and way past little jj's and tlm's bedtime, i had to excuse myself la kan. its great that the guys understood and didn't suggest that we hung out some more. hehe but if ya'll did pun its okay what. things change and we adapt la kan.

so there u have it. the last bowling nite for a while i guess.

hehe maybe i can get a wii and we can do online bowling eh?
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