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help more helpless..

people left right and center are slowing down on blogging citing work requirements and schedule getting busier and what not. my excuse is, access to blogger is pretty sporadic. i think the corporate server is getting a bit confused on which sites are allowed and which are not. blogs u can visit. but u can't sign in on blogger to edit stuff and what not.

excuses-excuses eh.

u can always email ur entry what? like u haven't done that before.

yep. busted.

anyways, work have been really hectic. one more quarter to go before the end of the year. there's a few kpi's left to be met. on top of that there were talks of me being poached by another department. but that's another story la.

all talk at the office is pretty much centered at the whole israel-palestinian conflict. what actions that we can take at our level to help alleviate the suffering of the palestinians and what other actions that we can think off to condemn the trespassing israel.
a lot of talk have been centered around boycotting israeli/american linked products. stay off mcd, kfc, starbucks. personally i believe it would take a significant momentum to push things forward so that we could really make an impact.

coincidentally my new year's resolution was to lay off mcd. so hehe i'm doing my part. not because i was concerned with mcd repatriating profits back to the land of zion nope, it was purely health reasons. and then the whole huplah crop up so consider it a 2 in 1 la. i've already stopped drinking coke for 2 years. don't see their profits dipping pun for the whole period.

that's why it would take a significant momentum to push things forward. how do we achieve this momentum? well we need to look at things from the angle of making a strong statement. and in this we need to have a strong action from someone, say the government. now with all the talk of boycotting mcd, kfc and starbucks, what would be the alternatives? can we have a directive from the govt of malaysia saying that we no longer want this businesses to be in malaysia? can we form a locally led consortium to take over the mcd's, kfc's and starbucks and replace them with local franchises. would this have an impact? dunno la kan but its a start.

then what? we need to look at what next. the internet perhaps? computers? did you know that by browsing the internet we are indirectly generating ad incomes to those american companies. so, boycott internet. lets go back to using smoke signals for communication since one of the major hand phone companies are also on the list of boycottable goods.

heck lets not stop there. apparently arsenal football club is also on the list! because they promote israel as a tourist destination on their ad boards. so lets stop supporting the gunners then.

i dunno la. sarcastic rantings aside i do feel a little helpless. there is A LOT that u can do but in all honesty there's only so much that u can REALLY do. but i guess we have to do what we can la.
i noticed that even the hottest 'blog-gossip' blog even took the time to paste the Mercy Malaysia donation drive request just to let people know that we can donate to the cause.
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