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back in the day, back to today..

i was doing a little bit of reminiscing. the three guys who went on that 18 days jaunt of europe back in first year uni decided to have late night drinks at the local mamak. muz brought his older brother nazri who was in his final year when we did the whole eurotrip thingy. along with 8 other first year newbies, he was like the chaperon la for us kids.

i think i was all traveled out in the first year that i didn't go anywhere significant in my second and third year.

i think it had been 10 years already. shit. that just dawned on me. i think we went in 99. and it's already 10 freaking years.

we were getting our facts straight on the places that we had been. i for one didn't keep a proper record of our travels. i knew we started in london. took the train to brussels, and then amsterdam - or amsterdiddy as what some americans were calling it. from then on it gets a bit hazy.

what i do remember are the places where major incidents occurred. that cold night in barcelona will forever be remembered by us all. muz and eju lost their travel documents and had to go madrid. that meant that we had to stay the night in barcelona. we didn't make any lodging arrangements so spending the night at the train station seemed like a good idea at the time. what we didn't know was that the train station closed at midnight. and no one expected the rain. and the cold.

nazri's homeless person imitation was classic. how he had fit himself into them boxes remains a mystery till now.

anyways, those were the days eh. as the conversations wound down, the three of us agreed that the eurotrip feat would probably not be repeated in its original form. being students, we could have lived without a lot of the comforts one would expect now that one is used to the more finer mode of vacation/holidaying experience.

its going to be another long weekend. the thing on top of me list is to clean the house. which is interesting. i think when u live with ur parents u kinda take for granted the whole cleaning bits. but when u live on ur own and u have a family to take care off, u kinda have to change la kan. i'm really finding dust as my main enemy. accumulated dust, in between spaces and corners. under the tv rack. places where vacuuming just doesn't cut it.

now my mom would be very proud. she famously mentioned that my hands are not meant for hard labor. whilst cleaning ur house does not really fall under that category, i always thought that it was a bit unfair la the comment. the senorita and i took it upon ourselves to expose the little munchkin to doing some house chores too. the toilet outside is his responsibility. he's been getting better at it. the only caveat being, i have to be the quality controller. which is tough also since, sometimes when i clean the toilet, i also fail the ultimate QC test. hehe the senorita la who else.

but each of us have our part la to play.

apart from little jj la. her part at the moment would be just to play.

come on lets play..
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