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10 things..

i have been tagged. i think i've been tagged a few times but i never really bothered doing it most of the time. but this time is a bit different. this time failure to complete the tag may result in me sleeping in the living room. hehe kidding. anyways since doing tags are kinda of a legit way to blog when u don't have any thing to blog about. so here goes.

1) Copy the "2008 Cute's Blogger Award" icon above and paste it in your blog.

The title itself is so wrong for me. Cute? little jj is cute. me i'm gruff. ar ar ar.

2) Link the person who gave your this award.

The love of my life, the mother to my kids, the one.. the only... senorita... clap clap clap

and now for the hard part.

3) Name 10 facts/hobbies before awarding your next award recipients.

10. i am a wrestling fan. i have always been a wrestling fan since i can remember. i know my grandfather was a hiyooge wrestling fan. back when it was sponsored by some ciggie company and was shown on tv3. back when wwf was not just about the environment. yes i know its all rehearsed. acting and the drama is ridiculous but i still get excited watching it. the raffali boys are all wrestling fan. we subscribe to all the payperviews. back when i was younger i distinctly remember us brothers engaging in simulated wrestling.

maybe if were in the states we could have been a wrestling family like the harts or the ortons.

yeah right.

now i kinda have to tone it down a bit. i know tlm is big fan himself. so i don't wanna give him the wrong impression. his dad condoning acts of violence and what not. but we do watch it together during school holidays. he has to turn in at 9.30 so that kinda rules our wwe raw at 10pm tuesdays.

9. i used to cry watching tamil movies. maybe i'm just sensitive like that. but i remember my brother ijai having a right ol laugh at me for this. maybe its because the stories are waaay to dramatic. or maybe i just got something in my eyes. i don't do it anymore though. but maybe that's just down to me not really watching any good tamil movies any more.

come to think of it it's not really limited to tamil movies. i also cried during the following movies too:-
  1. We're back. A dinosaur's story.
  2. Finding Nemo
  3. Leftenan Adnan
  4. A chinese drama about a young girl separated from her mother (honestly i can't remember the title)
i'm just a gruffie ol softie.

8. i only watched football proper since 1998. well despite sounding like a veteran gunners ie supporting the club since childhood and what not, i only started watching football properly during my a levels. yeah i know i supported pahang in the malaysian league but that's only by default. ur born in pahang so u HAVE to support pahang. i did watch them play selangor that one time with my brother ijai. hehe sitting amongst the red giants fans and cheering wildly when pahang scored.

this fascination with arsenal developed when i was watching the 97/98 fa cup finals in the goodacre's rec room. the gunners eventually won 2 - 0 against newcastle. that year they won the double. i didn't follow the scottish league. the nearest team was st johnstone we all know that there's only 2 teams in the scottish league. u either got celtic or rangers. anyways, i decided there and then that the gunners were for me. that anelka really could move eh for that second goal.

i knew supporting arsenal also had an influence in me applying to go to lse. hehe luckily the rejected me. if not just imagine the financial damage i would have incurred having to go to the games. the cost of a day out for footie match is ridiculous, even back in the day. imagine how high it must be now. u even have season ticket holders not renewing. but with a supposed waiting list of 40,000 the gunners wouldn't be short of willing fans. hehe still sore about the rejection but hey who asked u to not study harder.

7. i am disorganized. in my defence, i do believe there is a method to my madness. one look at my cubicle u would wonder how i get on with work when there's a lot of clutter on the desk. but i have to acknowledge that sometimes others just don't get it. and therefore i have attempted to improve in this sense.

its good also that i'm married to little miss organized. sometimes i would be complaining to the senorita that i can't fit a certain item into the fridge or the cupboard. she would come in and work her magic and presto it would just fit. it always amazes me how she does that. when i would just resort to stuffing/cramming the bloody thing in. using sheer brute force. hehe she has a more subtle way to it which works.

another incentive for keeping the desk organized is when ur place is just next to the boss, and u see how organized he is. hehe. i try. i do. really i try.

6. i have never smoked a cigarette. yep. this is an easy one. i'm sure i've written about this before. u would think that for someone who doesn't smoke he would be much fitter eh. but nope. i think i'm giving non-smokers a bad name.

that might have a lot to do with the lack of exercise la kan. not for the lack of opportunities la kan. got bicycle. got exercise machine thingy. got swimming pool. hehe.

5. i am nuts about video games. i've gotten into a lot of trouble with video games. despite being a 'good boy' i remember getting into trouble on 3 separate occasions because of video games. one time was that 20 cents kacang machine depan kedai sulaiman. sat there playing western bar after school. the other time when me and my brother saddiq snuck out to play games on them micro genius machine at this store in taman permata. somebody must've told my dad cause he came over and literally pulled me outta the store. hehe drama. can't remember if was grounded for that or not.

i bought my first gameboy before i flew to the uk. a black and white transparent machine. i upgraded to a pink gameboy color and subsequently to a pink gameboy advance. i turned to the playstation back in uni. and then became one of the first to get the ps2.

and in between all that i played games on the pc too.

all this continued until i got married of course. hehe in fact, i played less when i started dating. lets see. hang out with girlfriend or spend time finishing a level of some game. hmm. its a no brainer.

when we got married, i kinda resigned myself to not getting a games console for the house. but the senorita compromised on the psp. coz i kinda convinced her that i'd be responsible and hehe i did bribed her subliminally by paying for her phone. a feat i repeated with the purchase of my ds. hehe.

games have pretty much been a big part of my life. hehe i still get the urge to play the latest video games either on the pc or the ps3. right now fallout 3 does look tempting. but my sense of responsibility would quickly kick in and i would just wave it off.

4. i believe that little jj is the cutest baby in the world. now i think if u ask any parent, they would all say this. heck, i used to think that all babies are cute too. but this is before little jj la kan. hehe she's daddy's little girl alright. i don't care which of us she took after more. she's just soooo adorable. hehe. so biased eh. but who cares eh.

watching her grow in front of my eyes has truly been a life-changing experience.

3. i hate generalizations. this has been one of my pet peeves since forever. i hate how people just take just take the easy way out and do the whole painting everything with one brush shit. that's just so wrong in my books. have i been guilty of doing so myself? hmm. who haven't but that still doesn't mean that i like it.

2. hehe i married a beauty queen. okay this is cheating la kan. but since the senorita has disclosed this info in her blog, i think its safe for me to brag about it here eh. the senorita told me about this when we were dating. and she has totally changed my views on the girls entering beauty pagents. all that and brains too. and coupled with the fact that she beat a celebrity to the title kinda adds to the whole glamour of it.

she won the contest in 1994. hehe i was still 15 at the time. hehe if we were hook up back then, i'd definitely be the envy of all the guys.

1. meeting the senorita was the best thing that could have happened. by right this should be a soppy entry on its own. but i think everyone should be made aware of this fact. before i met the senorita, i was coasting thru life without really having a clear picture what my life would be like. meeting her changed everything. now i can't imagine my life without her. hehe maybe i should save some of the soppiness for later.

4. You should choose 5 recipients for this award and list them down in your blog post.
well i'm gonna tag the whole raffali blogging clan as per the senorita's request.

5. Don’t forget to visit those blogs and inform them they’ve been tagged.
yeah. yeah. will do.
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