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40 bottles of grog on the wall..

40 bottles of grog.. take one down and pass it around. 39 bottles of grog on the wall..

ade sama ke?

the senorita coined the whole radish hair phrase. we took this pic whilst shopping for groceries the other day.

got similarities?

anyways i'm feeling very bmish.

aku memang kurang kawan. bilangan kawan-kawan aku makin hari makin kurang. semalam ketika menunggu rancangan kegemaranku ditayang di channel 711, aku didatangi satu sms dari muz. dia bertanya sekiranya aku mahu minum teh pada malam itu. pada mulanya, aku keberatan untuk pergi. kerana ditanganku ada nintendo ds, dan aku mahu bermain mario kart bersama 4 lagi orang yang tidak diketahui melalui wifi. sambil menunggu cerita shark.

namun begitu aku mengubah fikiran apabila senorita mengingatkan yang muz dan si kecil noah akan bertolak ke uk pada hujung minggu ini. kan lebih baik sekiranya aku meluangkan masa bersama kawan yang akan pergi itu.

aku bersetuju. senorita mencadangkan supaya aku kaut sahaja muz datang ke rumah untuk menik…


When i had a psp, i could count with one hand the number of occasions when i would meet more than 2 people playing the psp,

Now when i'm on the ds i have 3 people infront of me twiddling away on their psp.


10 things..

i have been tagged. i think i've been tagged a few times but i never really bothered doing it most of the time. but this time is a bit different. this time failure to complete the tag may result in me sleeping in the living room. hehe kidding. anyways since doing tags are kinda of a legit way to blog when u don't have any thing to blog about. so here goes.

1) Copy the "2008 Cute's Blogger Award" icon above and paste it in your blog.

The title itself is so wrong for me. Cute? little jj is cute. me i'm gruff. ar ar ar.

2) Link the person who gave your this award.

The love of my life, the mother to my kids, the one.. the only... senorita... clap clap clap
and now for the hard part.

3) Name 10 facts/hobbies before awarding your next award recipients.

10. i am a wrestling fan. i have always been a wrestling fan since i can remember. i know my grandfather was a hiyooge wrestling fan. back when it was sponsored by some ciggie company and was shown on tv3. back when wwf was…

back in the day, back to today..

i was doing a little bit of reminiscing. the three guys who went on that 18 days jaunt of europe back in first year uni decided to have late night drinks at the local mamak. muz brought his older brother nazri who was in his final year when we did the whole eurotrip thingy. along with 8 other first year newbies, he was like the chaperon la for us kids.

i think i was all traveled out in the first year that i didn't go anywhere significant in my second and third year.

i think it had been 10 years already. shit. that just dawned on me. i think we went in 99. and it's already 10 freaking years.

we were getting our facts straight on the places that we had been. i for one didn't keep a proper record of our travels. i knew we started in london. took the train to brussels, and then amsterdam - or amsterdiddy as what some americans were calling it. from then on it gets a bit hazy.

what i do remember are the places where major incidents occurred. that cold night in barcelona will foreve…

case closed..

i think subconsciously i must not like maxis that much.

just now during lunch this foreign dude was asking me where the klcc maxis center was. and i told them to go up the escalator and walk straight to the left, when in fact maxis center was on the other side.

honest mistake?

i dunno. i don't really have any more beef with maxis. their customer service rep call me a few months back and said that they would refund the payment that i made to switch the account names which incidentally started the whole hupplah and all other balances prior to my move to celcom. and they sincerely apologized for any inconvenience caused.

twas a little bit too late la for that but hey at least i can say that the chapter is now closed.

would i consider switching back in the future? see la how.

the hair tu tak dapat nak tulung dah..

i 'd like to see ur bowls.. ur big brass bowls..

muz and i have this thing when we have like bowling nights. i think it started before he got married. and then when he got married it was whenever eju has something on and he's like all alone. he'd call me up for bowling. our favourite spot was federal bowl. where u can get 1 game free for every 5 games.

now with all this bowling u'd think i'd be good by now. hehe no such luck. i still throw the ball straight and just hope for the best. i really need to work on my spin. heheh what spin??

anyways, muz googletalked me earlier in the week asking if i wanted to have one last go at bowling before he packs up and leave for the uk. the early notice was to check if it was okay with the senorita what with little jj being all cranky at night and what not. times have changed since the single days eh. i checked to see who else was available. booked a lane at one utama's ubowl and that was it la.

told them to come at 8.30 and just quote my name and number.

when it came time for the…

of knives and gunfights..

yesterday night while changing little jj's diaper i noticed that there was some foreign looking objects in her poo. hehe remnants of potatos, and possibly some broccoli. so basically the food has passed thru the system la. yeay. it is definitely something to celebrate la kan. after the senorita toiled hard in making them baby food. hehe at least we can be sure that little jj is eating it la.

i just video called the senorita and she said that little jj helped herself to some servings of apples. tengah dok melepak dengan mama dia sambil nengok her dad do the crazy dance in his cubicle. hopefully no one saw that la kan. kang ape plak orang pikir. tak betul ke si acat tu?

strength in ignorance. is it true that what we don't know will make us stronger? bolder? take more risks? or does not knowing something absolve you from taking the necessary actions to right a wrong, to correct your own mistakes.

i was reading this random online poll on israel and palestine. its just a simple who do…

Feed me..

The blog is screaming to be updated. And there's definitely something to update about. The gorgeous senorita has successfully introduced little jj to her first taste of real food. Hehe well solids la kan. Little jj had her taste buds acquainted with carrots and by the looks of things, she didn't like it that much. Hehe maybe that's something she got from me coz i do remember not liking carrots that much. But then again it may just be the initial reaction.

The senorita had gone nuts preparing all the pureed vegetables for little jj. I really think that she has gone to town on this one. Potatos, broccoli, cabbage, sweet potatos, all freshly made with that extra secret ingredient added in for good measure.. Love.

The senorita is trying to stick to the once a day schedule for the early stages of the weaning process. So i guess i'll only get to see little jj eat during the weekends la since i'll working and all. Can't expect the senorita to video everything since she&…

help more helpless..

people left right and center are slowing down on blogging citing work requirements and schedule getting busier and what not. my excuse is, access to blogger is pretty sporadic. i think the corporate server is getting a bit confused on which sites are allowed and which are not. blogs u can visit. but u can't sign in on blogger to edit stuff and what not.

excuses-excuses eh.

u can always email ur entry what? like u haven't done that before.

yep. busted.

anyways, work have been really hectic. one more quarter to go before the end of the year. there's a few kpi's left to be met. on top of that there were talks of me being poached by another department. but that's another story la.

all talk at the office is pretty much centered at the whole israel-palestinian conflict. what actions that we can take at our level to help alleviate the suffering of the palestinians and what other actions that we can think off to condemn the trespassing israel. a lot of talk have been centered …

where did the school holidays go?

so it's back to the grind for the first day of work for the new year. and that sets u up nicely for the weekend. to add to more unproductive hours, i'm taking monday off for tlm's school registration du da. he's going to be 12 this year. that means he will have to face the dreaded big exams. the UPSR. ooohh scary. hehe. as ya'll might have known, i didn't get all A's in my upsr. i kinda messed up my 'karangan'. anyways i'm not gonna talk about me.

tlm has been enjoying himself this school holidays. his grandfather has been catering to his requests of wetworld, movies and the trips to the mall. i think he has watched all the latest flicks, cicakman 2, bedtime stories, bolt etc. all the kiddy flicks la. and i have been downloading all them gameboy games for him too. so in between all that and watching astro ceria the school holidays was all fun and games for tlm.

so starting from now its back to the books. no more video games. no more tuesday nite w…

the pitch..

i have this crazy idea for a story.

imagine yourself bloghopping and one day u find a blog. u read it and little by little you find yourself relating more and more to the blog. the experiences and the stories were quite similar to your own life. the views and the opinion. it's like reading something that you could probably have written yourself. but it's not plagiarized or anything like that because you don't blog. you wonder if there might somebody stalking u. because as u read the archives the details become more and more personal and more and more like someone is writing about you.

the author is anonymous of course. you start to delve deeper and you pretty much have covered all the entries. you get really curious now.

then things start to get really weird. you find out that the next few entries are all post dated.

the archives pretty much summed up your life history. would the future be there in the next entries?? heheh.

wouldn't that be interesting eh.