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zum geburtstag bla bla..

i think i read on kenny sia's blog that he got a cheque for 11k from nuffnang. that's a lot. hehe i told the senorita that i won't cash out my nuffnang money till i can afford her an lv bag. she was like really?? waaa? until i told her that i have like 65 ringgit in there la kan.

hehe good luck ler.

anyways, the senorita's birthday is coming. did my birthday shopping already. hehe. i'm not really good with surprises. not really good with hints and what not. so i got the best advisor that i can get to get the gift for the senorita.

who else but her la.

hehe. so we went to midvalley last weekend. a full on family outing with the little munchkin and little jj. well this was after we did our grocery shopping at the cold storage in bsc. apparently the vegies are fresher over there. anyways, tlm picked where we were having dinner and little jj was acting all cute and sleepy.

the place was packed. i had a feeling that they kinda filled the place with more tables than it should have had. tlm was asking, kenny rogers tu penyanyi ke pelakon papa? country music interspersed with people chattering and hustling and bustling. no wonder little jj was getting restless. alololo, i had to hold her and tried to comfort her.

i went out to look for a baby room. thought there was one nearby but i ended up having to go to carrefour. well that's where the sign brought me. opened the door and it was full. good enough la i thought. so i went back to the senorita and told her where the room was. so it was my turn to eat. tlm dok makan oblivious. hehe. lucky i eat like a horse - hehe but i chew.. i cheww i tell you..

the senorita tried to breastfeed little jj at the baby room. but little jj was having none of it. the room was hot and smelly. so she just refused to eat/drink. so the senorita tagged me so that she could finish her dinner. little jj was crying. hehe this time sirens were blaring. kena la jalan-jalan sket dekat luar. when we were walking little jj was all quite. but when i stopped for a bit dia start la..tsk tsk.. tak buleh nak keluar rumah la anak papa ni.

anyways, since little jj was acting out we had to cut short the shopping bit. i wanted to check out tous. masuk kejap aje alarm dah bunyi. the item i wanted takde. :( that's it la tak tau dah nak get ape. so terus la nak balik. then nampak poh kong. nak masuk aje little jj bunyi.. keluar kejap dia senyap. masuk balik dia bunyi. susah aa. so i told the senorita to go have a look first while i distract little jj. hehe. maybe she wants me to get one for her too. erks.

ended up we found what we were looking for. :)

little jj was all quiet on the way back home.. hehe nampak sangat dia ni memang tak buleh keluar lelama.

bagus la kan.. hehe.

anyways, i'm pretty sure the senorita loved her birthday gift, hehe tak sempat sampai rumah pun dah pakai ;)
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