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wednesday morning rant..

the us automotive industry is asking for billions of dollars in terms of support from the government to prevent it from going under. all in all they're asking for $34 billion dollars to prevent them from running outta cash. pumping money in is definitely a short term solution. u need to understand where the money is going and how to plug and value leaks.

in the environment where demand is declining and the economy is in recession, the safe bet is for the companies to scale down production. cut costs. or better still consolidate their position across industry. merge. but the measures will come at the expense of the workers. we have seen thousands of workers laid off in the financial sector. Citibank. Goldman Sachs. all in the effort to cut cost.

so if the bailout money only address the short term issue of covering their cost, then we can expect that in 3 months time they'd be coming back with more request.

please sir i want some more.


mukhriz mahathir made a statement saying that by having 1 school system it will go a long way towards "realising the aspiration of the country to create meaningful unity amongst the different races".

whilst this is nothing new, the majority of the comments that i read in today's news says that this idea is not workable. it is important for each race to have their own schools so that their racial identity is protected. plus the right to pursue mother tongue education is already enshrined in the constitution. so we should not question that.

there was also a suggestion that a single education system is not the only solution to the problem of polarization among multi social Malaysians and vernacular schools do not hamper national unity.

first of all, if it is not the solution then what is? the way i see it, it is not so much of having a single medium of education ie in this case bahasa malaysia across the board that would reinforce the notion of unity. its the idea where u have one school where everyone goes to and everyone can feel that they belong. i guess that was what national schools are all about. but then again we're not really seeing the races of Malaysia all rushing to register their kids to the national schools anyways.

lets see, when i was in primary school, i can count with one hand the number of chinese kids in my school. i think there was this one girl who was i think someone i always wanted to challenge academically. but then in std 4 or was it 5 she moved on to some other school. when i went to secondary school and later in mrsm there were virtually no chinese or indians in my class - i think there were none in the school.

only in uni did i truly encounter significant racial interaction. back then we were in foreign land so the notion of being Malaysian really stuck with all of us. who else to back u up if not ur own countrymen.

the conclusion that i can make is, national unity can be achieved when we share the same vision and goals. and being close to each other also helps la. if u have all malays in one school, chinese in another and indians in the other. all studying the same thing, indoctrinated by the same vision whatever, it still wont ensure national unity unless all of us interact on regular basis.


the kids are out of the carling cup.. boo hoo.


i'm spent.
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