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p to the a to the t to the i to the ence..

kena pin, 1..2..3..

p.a.t.i.e.n.c.e is a virtue. bersabar itu sebahagian dari iman. patience also is that hit song from guns and roses, who by the way still call themselves guns and roses even if the only existing original member is axl rose and the rest of the band have moved on to better things. anyone care to review the chinese democracy?

anyways, i am not a patient man. er well maybe i am but i think i wasn't that patient. having a baby definitely presents u with the opportunity to test ur patience to the maximum. its a good thing that taking care of little jj is a tag team gig. if it were just me alone, i don't think i'd fare that well la.

little jj is going through a phase. my mom said its because she's 'tukar bulan' ie entering a new month. dunno la how true that is but u tend to put a lot of weight on the words of a woman who'd given birth to 11 babies. little jj can be all playful at one time and then all moody another time. she can just cry herself out before falling to asleep, usually on my shoulders. yesterday i had to carry her around and i couldn't sit because she'd be all cranky when i sit.

if only u can guest what she really wants. a baby cries mainly because of two things. one she is hungry and two she needs a change. now bila diaper sudah tukar, boobies juga sudah kasi hisap and she still cries? ur at a lost la at what else to do. seriously. nak marah little jj pun tengok la muka seposen dia camtu, camna nak marah? and kalau nak marah plak tak ke rasa bodoh a 30 yr old man being angry at a 4 month old baby, mana la the logic in that. rasa bersalah jugak for even having that thought. nak marah baby. sheesh. aku patut saja ditembak dengan senapang gajah.

camni punye cute pun nak marah ke..

times like those la it helps when u have ur partner around. i think the senorita pun perasan macam i was about to crack because she'd come along and take little jj away. tah la. we always say that we will 'try' to be patient, but in raising kids ni there is no try. u have to be patient. hehe macam star wars plak. do or do not. there is no try.

but i guess we're only human.

still, kalau tetiba terasa nak jadi hijau tu banyak-banyak la ambik nafas and think happy thoughts.
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