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mari menyusahkan diri..

i think i can classify myself, in the realms of the technology, as a USER. i'm definitely not an innovator, in the sense that i don't come out with new tech, nor do i do any programming or coding of software or hacking or whatever it is that you do for u to be considered as a pioneer in all that is technologically advance. nope i'm just a user. i google for how to do stuff and i just follow instructions. and hope that i don't screw things up and cause irreparable damage.

case in point. the senorita's phone was acting up. it was working all okay up to the point when i decided to install ngage on it which required me to do apply a certain hack on the phone to enable the installation of the client and subsequently the patched games onto the phone. i think i botched the installation and now it seems that the phone's camera acts up when u try to take video. now it's not like i was 100% sure that the installation was the cause of the problem, but hey it was working before and it wasn't working after so it doesn't take a genius to figure it out.

so my options were to 1)hard reset the phone get rid of all the installed crap and hope for the best. that didn't work. my second option was to just update the phone's firmware coz i figured that it might do the trick. funny thing was that nokia had this habit of limiting firmware upgrades to certain region. so i had to find a way to fool nokia software update into thinking that the phone is of said region. quick google and i found out about the nss. nemesis service suite. so did that, change the phone product code to euro 1. and then let the nsu do its update.

all this while the senorita asked if maybe the memory card was the problem. i didn't think so because it worked before no problem so why wud the card be the problem.

anyways, i waited for a bit before the software update was downloaded completely. the upgrade was a success. had to hard reset the phone and tried the camera again. it seemed promising enough. the update pretty much improved the camera in the sense that now u can 'turn' off the shutter sound when on silent mode. hehe the senorita will be mighty please with that i think la. she was always complaining about the sound the camera made.

anyways, when i tried the video, the bloody problem still remained! what the fuck? lost kejap. i was soo sure that upgrading the fimware would do the trick.

then i decided to try a different memory card.

then i felt stoopid kejap.


apesal aku tak try menda ni dulu?

there was no problem with the other memory card.

hmm. bijak pandai. ni la namanya mencomplicated kan menda yang simple.

it turns out that there was a file on the card or maybe the file structure that was causing the instability. i have a theory that this happened because we switch from pc to mac every now and again and i noticed that whenever i put my thumbdrive into the mac a hidden folder is created for some reason or the other. again ini pun aku agak ajelakan sebab i opened the memory card on the computer and tried to copy the whole thing and there was some corrupted files or something. i deleted that and it worked. dress me up and call me susan.

now of course by this time the senorita dah penat tido sebab penat melayan anak and all. but if she were here right now she'd probably say.. i told u it was the card..

hehe. the simplest solution is always the best. and if that doesn't work go nuts la with all the other measures plak.
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