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mari kita rebrand..

i told the senorita that i wanna be more structured in my blogging in 2009. she asked me what do i mean by that? well basically i wanna write more and be more structured with my postings. again what the heck does that mean? i told her that since i started blogging in 2002, i've possibly come up with 20% crap, 30% life experiences, 15% footie and 35% angau. i made the percentages up of course. if i were to draw up a timeline of the things that i blogged about over the years, it pretty much sums up the circle of life in general. i started blogging when i was in a relationship. i went through a relationship crisis and i used the blog to vent out some frustrations. i found the senorita through this blog and the whole blog world joined in my celebration of the arrival of little jj.

in the midst of all that there were some seriously vomit inducing lovey dovey angau entries. some random observations on the state of the world and a whole lotta crapola. the blog also saw arsenal win the premier league and remain unbeaten for the whole season. and the blog also saw the gunners blew their chance at european glory by losing to barca in the champion's league final.

clearly there's not really any structure to it.

i'm wary of changing things jugak tho. remember what metallica did with saint anger? that album lacked the edge that kirk hammet's guitar solos provided in all their other albums and it kinda sucked. hehe but look at them now with death magnetic. hehe. so i don't wanna be changing much till just an unrecognizable blob of acat is left.

the senorita would probably be happy if i were to just write more often aje kot..

but not THAT happy if most of the entries are about footie and gadgets and stuff.

slightly happier if i become all intellectual and discuss current economic and political events. and she can flash her boobs to distract me if i start to ramble on at home - which i loike. ;)

infuriated if i write anything mentioning MAYA KARIN

chuffed if i post pitchas of little jj

but then i've always written what i want and i've stuck with that all this while. the question now would be what the heck do i wanna write about?

so i guess 2009 would be a good time to start finding ur foot again in this ever expanding blogosphere. there's a lot of new well written blogs cropping up here, there and everywhere. and it's really interesting to read the different styles of writing and humor. hehe lets keep the original ideas coming eh.

here's a tip for new bloggers; whenever u come up with a piece, that's not about your life per se, or an observation or whatever views that u have about something, anything la, the only way for u not to be branded as a plagiarist is to quickly google the topic ur doing, see the results and if there's any commonality with any of them and just do a mention at the end of ur blog. coincidences happen. the senorita and i did a little experiment in trying to come up with a name for her secret project and it turns out that some of the ideas have been thought up before. so u either give credit or move on to the next original idea.

life is like that. experiences repeat itself. different people experience the same thing and if u get two bloggers blogging about their lost love - how different can u expect the entry to be like?

i am digressing. so back to the whole wanna be structured du da. hehe the senorita says, hmm, good luck. she's not that optimistic. seeing my tendency to just post pics of little jj when i have nothing to blog about. we can probably expect more of that la kot. hehe macam this one..

ze giraffean affaire..
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