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hujung minggu yang hectic..

last weekend was a hectic one of sorts. we had a relative's aqiqah in the morning before a planned meet up with some friends later in the evening. little jj was still sleeping so i was kinda hesitant to wake her up for her morning bath. little jj gets all cranky when she doesn't get enough sleep. don't make me cranky.. u won't like me when i'm cranky. she opened her eyes and u can't help but to melt when she smiles and ooh aah aah eeh.

gave little jj her bath. she's getting more and more active la now. when it comes to the bath and then putting on her clothes, i think its because of the rolling. hehe she's finding it exciting la kot. so now wanna roll all the time.

anyways, we made our way to my in laws around 8ish. when i got there my mother in law mentioned about the whole bukit antarabangsa landslide hupplah on the news. my first thoughts were about ahmad who's living on top of the hill. i called azlan in pinggiran ukay to check up on ahmad, kesian mamat tu baru bangun tidor tak realise pun all the commotion. later ahmad smsed saying that he was okay but they had to evacuate anyways. that just sucked.

the aqiqah du da was in klang. i was following my father in law who knew the way. he had this habit of not using his turn signals so i had to follow from a safe distance. hehe the senorita called him up and asked him to used his blinkers. hehe. when we got there they had already 'sembelih' the animals. the aqiqah was for a pair of twins. i was feeling a bit anti-social, so i was holding little jj and they had hulk playing in the living room. hehe i've not seen the new hulk. edward norton looks too skinny to be hulk. but i guess he pulled off the role okay aje. why'd they switched from eric bana i dunno.

anyways, i told my in laws that we had to leave by 12.30, seeing as we need to prepare for the guests coming over later. and by prepare i mean me vacuming and stuff la. lunch was served. sup tulang. i saw the little munchkin gobbling on the soup. we joked that since he was born in the year of the ox, he's technically a 'cannibal' for eating his own kind. hehe i think he didn't get it lor. the senorita managed to give little jj her lunch. hehe and she slept for a bit la in one of the rooms.

so i saved the gps coordinates on my phone so that the next time we come i can just drive on my own. hehe used the gps to find our exit out of klang too. haha lama gila tak gi klang. hehe.

aanyways, we went grocery shopping at giant first, before coming back to my in law's to pick up the senorita's phone. so we arrived home, we vacumed the living room, scrubbed the toilet, little jj is okay with the sound of vacuming by the way. she's all relax with the droning sound. senang nak buat kerja. don't wanna be leaving her in the room on the bed when she's finding her rolling feet eh.

so with the house all spic and span, its time to just wait for the guests to arrive. we were playing host to the amzirin family - muz, eju and noah and also part of the original pemegang saham kereta proton hijau dekat lancaster dulu, ernie. i invited a few more but these were the ones who could make it.

what was the occasion? well it was supposed to be a farewell shindig for muz and eju since they'll be leaving for the uk by the end of the month. but the guests had other ideas as it kinda turned out to be a birthday do for the senorita as well. muz and eju brought cake and ernie got the refreshments. the senorita whipped up some pasta and the main course was delivered by abang domino.

little jj got to play with abg noah. hehe noah was showing off his 'menyondol' skills. he was trying to lift off his butt while facing downwards. er that's not a yoga move now is it? we noted that the last time noah was there he was already rolling over and roughly two weeks later little jj also rolled over. so now we can expect little jj to do the 'butt move' la plak. i think its the milk. hehe. since noah and little jj have that in common.

dinner was filled with stories old and new. ernie was telling us about her day- firefoxing was it? muz and eju on their move. the senorita on how cool it is to chill at home. amongst other things la kan. tlm was busy playin with his adiks. we had the birthday cake for dessert and we capped things off with coffee.

bila plak laa nak bergather-gather next.

then sunday came and it was time for the reaal birthday celebration. hehe lunch at ikea? yep meatballs and fries and some shopping to boot. even met my classmates, naz, mael and aidah who incidentally celebrated her birthday on the 6th. hehe dapat pun jumpa little jj eh aidah?

and to put the icing on the cake, we went to satisfy the senorita's craving for cupcakes at the cupcakechic. hmm i think there's still some in the fridge.. hehe mau makan laa ini macam.


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