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the end of an affair..

i finally watched the dark knight last night. finally found out what the fuss was all about. heath ledger's last performance. laudable. stole the show. i've always loved batman. coz he's among those heroes who have no superpowers. human. like tony stark. both playboy billionaires who use their wealth to come up with stuff to fight crime. difference being by the end of the movie everyone knows stark is iron man. but the dark knight had to live in continued secrecy in order to effectively fight crime.

he's the hero gotham deserves but doesn't need right now

i've been going nuts downloading heroes, prison break and now house season 5. hehe we're watching prison break a few days after the premier on us tv. hehe woot woot. the wonders of technology eh. since heroes will only continue in february, and prison break is running its course every week, i figured why not pick up where i left off with house.

the download was kinda slow. i only finished with the season premier yesterday and watched it after the dark knight dvd. the senorita wasn't a fan of the dark knight and she didn't care much for gregory house too. so it's just me this time.
the gist of the plot is wilson is quitting. he figured it was hard enough to stay at the hospital where amber died and he figured it easier to move on in a new place and a new surrounding.

it turns out the real reason he's leaving is he was tired of carrying on with his friendship with house. him being the one to have to bail out house every time, him being the one to put up with house's antics.
he wanted to blame house for amber's death but deep down he knew that it wasn't really house's fault. i guess that would be the easier option. but then again he realised that in the course of their friendship, he had always been the giver and house was always oblivious to what he felt. hence he couldn't take it anymore. and he's leaving. and that's how the first episode ended. with wilson leaving house in his office with his stuff all packed up.

now i could just google up and find out what happen next but the suspense of having to watch the series to find out next would be enough to just make me not do it.

it is sad when friendship ends like that. but i think the underlying issues that wilson had with house must be resolved first before they can even think about being friends again. if i were house i would think that wilson's an idiot. heck he did mention this a couple of times to cuddy. house is being rational. he figured death shouldn't change a friendship - maybe he thought that the friendship was strong enough to withstand anything. but him being oblivious he didn't take into account what wilson was keeping pent up inside. but to be fair to house wilson never said anything.

drama. drama. you would think only hollywood can come up with such drama.

in other news i wanna give props to que haidar for his way of answering the questions put forward to him in today's melody. totally can relate with him on this one. dude, ur the one who's taking the plunge, its ur choice and ur the one who's going to live with ur decision. so why should u give a flying fuck to whatever negative things people have to say. hehe que and linda - good luck and all the best.

we went to a wedding yesterday. a friend of mine from lembah keramat. sent the invite out on facebook before leaving the card at my mom's place. cool eh. just send a wedding invite out on facebook. can rsvp some more. anyways, i knew the girl back in primary school. the one thing i couldn't forget about her was when she was crying when she got her upsr result. i think she didn't get what she was aiming for. hehe i know i didn't but hehe i wasn't crying la kan. hehe i is boy. boy don't cry. i remembered saying something to her, relax or something to that effect. hehe the other reason i remember her was that her older sister was hot. hehe still is.

we didn't really keep in touch that much, so i was pleasantly surprised when i got her invite. met up with a few of my sklk schoolmates. i love the look on their faces when i introduced the little munchkin and little jj. hehe the classic, er.. bila ko kawin beb. how come jauh sangat beza? hehe mintak maap la kengkawan, i've gone pass the stage where i needed to explain everything. hehe paham-paham sendiri je la kan.
so selamat penganti baru to fidah. moga panjang umur and murah rezeki.

we went to my parent's after the wedding. little jj was a very good girl. i think it was down to her getting enough rest. hehe. so here's some more action from her.

the invasion of the chubby cheeks..
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