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happy new year..

so the new year is upon us. for the first time since the senorita and i went out, we're going to stay home for the new year. with little jj, we all didn't think it was a good idea to be out and about. what with the throng of people and the nite weather and what not.

last year it was a quaint friendly get together at eju and muz's. little jj was still jumping jellybeanizing inside mommy back then. those two are larging it up in the uk. so it'll just be the four of us and the telly for the new year. little jj is asleep. tlm is doing some stuff in his room. he's basically fabricating an imaginary wrestling rink to play with his wrestling figurines.

the senorita just had a go at diner dash on the ds. she's really good at the game. in fact i think she's really good at the game no matter what platform she plays it on. psp, phone. that's another game she can enjoy beating me up on. she's always on standby for little jj's booty call. now that didn't c…

bring on 2009..

happy new year..

the end of an affair..

i finally watched the dark knight last night. finally found out what the fuss was all about. heath ledger's last performance. laudable. stole the show. i've always loved batman. coz he's among those heroes who have no superpowers. human. like tony stark. both playboy billionaires who use their wealth to come up with stuff to fight crime. difference being by the end of the movie everyone knows stark is iron man. but the dark knight had to live in continued secrecy in order to effectively fight crime.

he's the hero gotham deserves but doesn't need right now

i've been going nuts downloading heroes, prison break and now house season 5. hehe we're watching prison break a few days after the premier on us tv. hehe woot woot. the wonders of technology eh. since heroes will only continue in february, and prison break is running its course every week, i figured why not pick up where i left off with house.

the download was kinda slow. i only finished with the season prem…

being less of a man ain't all that bad..

i seldom blog about the things i read on other people's blog. for starters it just shows that ur just too lazy to come up with stuff to write and ur just riding on someone else's topic. hehe but rather than engage in a long winded comment on their blog, might as well you write what u feel on ur own blog. hehe yeah yeah. so what was so interesting that u have to make an exception now acat? 'lelaki yang tidak bernaluri untuk kahwin lebih dari satu bukan lelaki sejati' i think if we take 'kahwin' in the context of sex most men would not think twice to answer yes, only real men would be MAN enough to want to score with a lot of chicks. don juan demarco. cassanova. stud la katakan. it's easy to be all wild and screw around and what not. it is. not everyone can do it, there are some restrictions on looks, money and what not but essentially it is easy. u can lower ur standards and pretty much sow ur wild oats to ur hearts desire. but does that really make u a man?…

pink elephants..

times are hard. its getting more challenging just making a living. i was walking back from lunch when this girl stopped me just as i was about to enter the office.

"hi there, my name is bayani can we exchange business cards please?"

i saw her card. works in a bank. probably looking for contacts to pitch her investment fund ideas.

i said no thanks. partly because i don't really trust strangers i meet of the street to invest my money and mostly because i don't have much money to spend anyways :). she didn't look that disappointed and quickly moved on to the next prospect.

i remember this one time when i think somebody leaked our departmental phone list to some telemarketer and they started to call up everyone one after the other. i tend to not entertain these people. no personal touch. heck i don't even entertain friends who wanted to give a spiel on what new fangled multi level du da that they want to introduce me to.
anyways difficult times call for a different, m…

mari kita rebrand..

i told the senorita that i wanna be more structured in my blogging in 2009. she asked me what do i mean by that? well basically i wanna write more and be more structured with my postings. again what the heck does that mean? i told her that since i started blogging in 2002, i've possibly come up with 20% crap, 30% life experiences, 15% footie and 35% angau. i made the percentages up of course. if i were to draw up a timeline of the things that i blogged about over the years, it pretty much sums up the circle of life in general. i started blogging when i was in a relationship. i went through a relationship crisis and i used the blog to vent out some frustrations. i found the senorita through this blog and the whole blog world joined in my celebration of the arrival of little jj.

in the midst of all that there were some seriously vomit inducing lovey dovey angau entries. some random observations on the state of the world and a whole lotta crapola. the blog also saw arsenal win the pre…

mari menyusahkan diri..

i think i can classify myself, in the realms of the technology, as a USER. i'm definitely not an innovator, in the sense that i don't come out with new tech, nor do i do any programming or coding of software or hacking or whatever it is that you do for u to be considered as a pioneer in all that is technologically advance. nope i'm just a user. i google for how to do stuff and i just follow instructions. and hope that i don't screw things up and cause irreparable damage.

case in point. the senorita's phone was acting up. it was working all okay up to the point when i decided to install ngage on it which required me to do apply a certain hack on the phone to enable the installation of the client and subsequently the patched games onto the phone. i think i botched the installation and now it seems that the phone's camera acts up when u try to take video. now it's not like i was 100% sure that the installation was the cause of the problem, but hey it was workin…

and it all fell down..

the whole madoff fiasco could not have come at a better time. why u may ask? well for starters we will start to see a lot of parties claiming losses on the grand pyramid scheme - some of these parties already are affected by write downs because of the financial crisis. how he'd been operating for almost 50 years without being detected is truly mind boggling. putting it simply, the guy ran a scheme which pays of his investors with money from new investment. i guess it got too big for its own good and fell from its own weight la.

now for the firms affected, if they lose money because of a failed investment and the downturn in the economy because of the financial crisis, one would say that it is their own fault for a gamble that misfired. but, if one were to come up and say that they were duped along with a host of other reputable names, now they tend to come out of it looking less stupid and guilty.

i dunno. it all feels rather fishy. and somewhat convenient.

anyways, if anything the s…

p to the a to the t to the i to the ence..

kena pin, 1..2..3..
p.a.t.i.e.n.c.e is a virtue. bersabar itu sebahagian dari iman. patience also is that hit song from guns and roses, who by the way still call themselves guns and roses even if the only existing original member is axl rose and the rest of the band have moved on to better things. anyone care to review the chinese democracy?

anyways, i am not a patient man. er well maybe i am but i think i wasn't that patient. having a baby definitely presents u with the opportunity to test ur patience to the maximum. its a good thing that taking care of little jj is a tag team gig. if it were just me alone, i don't think i'd fare that well la.

little jj is going through a phase. my mom said its because she's 'tukar bulan' ie entering a new month. dunno la how true that is but u tend to put a lot of weight on the words of a woman who'd given birth to 11 babies. little jj can be all playful at one time and then all moody another time. she can just cry herself o…

more free time, much..

i was reading the news on Reuters and they have this update on the number of job cuts projected globally as a direct result of cost cutting measures by firms in response to the global economic slowdown. since the beginning of September a total of 265000 jobs are reported to be cut across the globe. the major ones are British Telecom with 10000 jobs. Rio Tinto the mining giant with 14000 jobs, HP with 24600 jobs, AT&T with 12000 jobs and Sony Corp with 16000 jobs.

and this is not including the proposed 50000 job cuts announced by citicorp.

and then there's the uncertainty surrounding the american auto industry which employs more than 265000 people.

that's a lot of unemployed people potentially claiming unemployment benefits.

lucky they have unemployment benefits eh.

we don't have unemployment benefits now do we?

economy contracts, jobs are cut. government expenditure increases but government income decreases. consumer spending declines. recession creeps in.

the near future loo…

hujung minggu yang hectic..

last weekend was a hectic one of sorts. we had a relative's aqiqah in the morning before a planned meet up with some friends later in the evening. little jj was still sleeping so i was kinda hesitant to wake her up for her morning bath. little jj gets all cranky when she doesn't get enough sleep. don't make me cranky.. u won't like me when i'm cranky. she opened her eyes and u can't help but to melt when she smiles and ooh aah aah eeh.

gave little jj her bath. she's getting more and more active la now. when it comes to the bath and then putting on her clothes, i think its because of the rolling. hehe she's finding it exciting la kot. so now wanna roll all the time.

anyways, we made our way to my in laws around 8ish. when i got there my mother in law mentioned about the whole bukit antarabangsa landslide hupplah on the news. my first thoughts were about ahmad who's living on top of the hill. i called azlan in pinggiran ukay to check up on ahmad, kesia…

zum geburtstag bla bla..

i think i read on kenny sia's blog that he got a cheque for 11k from nuffnang. that's a lot. hehe i told the senorita that i won't cash out my nuffnang money till i can afford her an lv bag. she was like really?? waaa? until i told her that i have like 65 ringgit in there la kan.

hehe good luck ler.

anyways, the senorita's birthday is coming. did my birthday shopping already. hehe. i'm not really good with surprises. not really good with hints and what not. so i got the best advisor that i can get to get the gift for the senorita.

who else but her la.

hehe. so we went to midvalley last weekend. a full on family outing with the little munchkin and little jj. well this was after we did our grocery shopping at the cold storage in bsc. apparently the vegies are fresher over there. anyways, tlm picked where we were having dinner and little jj was acting all cute and sleepy.

the place was packed. i had a feeling that they kinda filled the place with more tables than it shoul…

wednesday morning rant..

the us automotive industry is asking for billions of dollars in terms of support from the government to prevent it from going under. all in all they're asking for $34 billion dollars to prevent them from running outta cash. pumping money in is definitely a short term solution. u need to understand where the money is going and how to plug and value leaks.

in the environment where demand is declining and the economy is in recession, the safe bet is for the companies to scale down production. cut costs. or better still consolidate their position across industry. merge. but the measures will come at the expense of the workers. we have seen thousands of workers laid off in the financial sector. Citibank. Goldman Sachs. all in the effort to cut cost.

so if the bailout money only address the short term issue of covering their cost, then we can expect that in 3 months time they'd be coming back with more request.

please sir i want some more.


mukhriz mahathir made…


the many faces of little jj

home is where the heart is..

the senorita and i were talking about little jj the other day. when we go out, she always gets cranky around 9ish and usually its a sign for us to go back. once she's in the comfort of our own place, she gets all okay again and would be all playful and less cranky. and by less i mean a lot less la.

my conclusion is i think my daughter just loves to stay home. and if she can sustains this behaviour till she's 21 then i should be so lucky la.

imagine ur teenage daughter telling her friends that she doesn't want to go out because she loves to stay at home (and play with her giraffe). how easy life would be eh? even if she wants to go out pun, she'll make sure to be back by 9 because she'd already been conditioned that way.

the senorita said dream on ler..

hehe yeah one can wish la i guess..

don't be growing up too fast eh..

2-1 to the arsenal.. part 2.. heh

buleh plak menang?
the one thing that the gunners need now is consistency.. we did the job against man u and now chelsea. but defeats against the 'lesser' teams kinda put a stinker on the title challenge. 
string a couple of wins together and it all can change..
come on u gunners!!!