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say hello to my little friend..

did some assembling and drilling yesterday. a metal rack cum place to hang cooking utensils we got from ikea. some will say that assembling ikea furniture counts as faux diy. well dunno bout that but this time there will be some sawing and sandpapering required because we have to adjust this one rack to fit the limited space in the kitchen. the senorita asked if i could do some cutting and welding if we needed to adjust one of the metal racks.

er.. welding cannot la. soldering dulu pernah buat kot time but that was back when tak hengat.

the feeling of accomplishment that u get from successfully completing a certain diy task is really great. hehe. like the other time when i fixed the little munchkin's almari. and the power tool that i got when we wanted to drill the curtain railings when we were about to move in proved very useful indeed. u know la the thing i have with gadget and tools ni. maybe after this i'll explore carpentry more seriously. apparently my father in law did his own cabinet for his burgeoning dvd collection. simple enuff. the thing is as with other crafts ni, u must have a little patience (yeah.. yeah.. just a little patience.. yeah.. yeah) which i don't think i have much. but then again if u put ur mind to it. u can pretty much do anything.

on a totally separate note, i'm sure u guys are following the developments in the US and global economy. i'm kinda intrigued with how the powers that be decide on which company to save and which to let slide. lets see, u have AIG - bailed out. but u have lehman brothers collapsed. out of the many investment banks who flourished now we only have the two major ones, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. who have themselves converted to bank holding companies.

and now the worlds second largest bank as of the July 08 rank in the banker, Citigroup is facing difficulties. the recent $306 billion bailout will probably give it some time to sort out the mess its in. and if this involves shedding of assets and what not, i'm sure GS and MS will be there to capitalize. the links between the treasury secretary and goldman sachs have been highlighted numerous times. u wonder if this is daylight robbery being committed right in front of our eyes?

with all business transactions kan, if there's a loss on one end there must be someone profiting on the other end. so with all the value purportedly loss in the financial market, and all the money being put in to stabilize the market, who are the ones who are profiting. hehe. makes u wonder eh.

anyways, when u take the time to really look at how the market moves and all that, wouldn't be nice if u have some funds to play around in the stock market. hehe.

anyways here's some little jj cuteness to light ur day. little jj has a new friend. hehe and she's been doing some wrestling moves with the giraffe too. i wonder where she got that from.

say hello to my little friend..
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