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a rockin and a rollin..

what was that all about..

so little jj has finally learnt how to roll over. and we were lucky to have caught everything on video. when i saw the clip that the senorita took i can't help but feel a sense of daddy pride. hehe, its an achievement she's been threatening to do for the past few weeks already. they do grow up so quickly eh.

we went to keramat and on the way little jj decided that she wants to throw up. the exact term would be regurgitate. in the car. just when we were about to enter the federal highway. so a quick pit stop was necessary. a two man job at the back of the car. little jj was looking all cute like nothing was wrong. the little munchkin was sitting at the front fiddling with the air cond. little jj has perfected that look. parents ya'll know what i'm talking about. the look that they give when they did something and they don't want you to get all angry. hehe how la can u get angry when they give u that look.

wan mummy was all rindu'ing little jj. hehe and little jj was responding really well. she even showed a sneak preview of her rolling technique, but i guess as with all divas she only will do it on her terms la kan. hehe so takde la nak roll-roll depan her adoring fans.

back in keramat, the bunch of us gunners fans were lamenting the roller coaster form of the club. after the high of beating manure 2-1 last week, they were brought back down to earth with a 2-0 loss to villa. waddafak. i guess u can't really tell which team will show up when the gunners play. i say play the kids. the carling cup team played with more spirit then the seniors. hehe.

we even managed to catch the results of sehati berdansa. can't believe i'm watching this. its all good fun eh. watching local celebs dancing. but i think those remaining ones are quite watchable la. the first two weeks were hilarious. hehe oh its not supposed to be funny ke? hehe. its for a good cause la kan. dunno la if its true or not but apparently the contestants are paid 5k a month each as long as they stay on the show. hmm they only win 1k extra for their respective charity for everyweek that they survive. hmm 10k vs 1k. again correct me if i'm wrong la but that's some whacked concept of charity.

so while we were there we managed to take more and more pics of little jj. jannah and khalil are selected to participate in the sony alpha double exposure du dah and they were lent a sony alpha 300 digital slr. best jugak ade digital slr ni. hehe. takpe. stick aje la with the camera phone eh. cantik gak the pictures. anyways, they're off to pd for the first part of the assignment. good luck la to them both.

tak sabo tunggu ape lagi aksi-aksi terbaru little jj after this..

tunggu eh..
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