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the last flight of the monkees??

so the flying monkees were on the prowl again today for the sun motorhunt 2008. this time round we have a new edition to the team of the senorita, muz, eju and myself. yep we were joined by the youngest hunter for the day, little jj. since she's on boobies exclusively and she's not particularly fond of bottles, we decided to bring her along.

this is the second year we're hunting in the master's category. although i must say the challenge is greater, the fun is still there to be had. since we were outta practice, some of the questions seem to escape our comprehension. but true enough you need luck at times when it came to breaking some of the clues. there were a few questions which only one or two teams who managed to break it and i'm kinda chuffed that it was us who did it.

tembak? or skill? hehe.

anyways like last year, we came in second last. hehe at least la kan. but the consolation was that the prizes from 20th to 11th is the same. hehe a philips 4GB video mp3 player. cool eh. won't be putting this up on ebay tho. i have a feeling that i might use this on my daily commute.

this year's motorhunt will probably be the last one for a while. since my hunt buddies, the couple who introduced me to all this hunting beeswax will be moving on to greener pastures come the end of the month. yep. whilst i am happy for them because the opportunity doesn't come that often, i'm kinda sad that effectively i'll be 2 best friend short. hehe. but i guess it's not like we're going to be totally cut off. u still have facebook and the likes. ah well. maybe i'll try to get myself transferred to the uk too. hehe. can start a treasure hunting movement over there eh.

so back to little jj. she behaved as best as she could during the hunt, but as babies do, they tend to get kinda restless when you're not moving as fast as you could in the car. so i had to get out of the car and walk around for a bit. but apart from the occasional crying she was very good. we even got a few answers off her when we were stuck with some of the questions. one aa aaah means yes. one akhee means no. hehe. yeah right.

heck, one team even joked about reporting us for having one extra member. haha funny guys.

anyways on the home front, little jj has been trying to roll over. yep. she's been trying, i've been coaching, and if the senorita had her way, the video of me trying to teach little jj to roll will already be out on youtube and ya'll can have a laugh. haha ain't gonna happen. hehe. she's very smart la that girl. little jj i mean. very resilient. she still haven't figured out what to do with her other hand so she's stuck at laying by her sides. i give her a few more days before she'll definitely pull this off. she'll be walking in no time. hehe.

you can do it..

so that's that. the last flight of the flyin monkees. hehe here's todays customary hunt pic for prosperity.

wei hei..
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