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say hello to my little friend..

did some assembling and drilling yesterday. a metal rack cum place to hang cooking utensils we got from ikea. some will say that assembling ikea furniture counts as faux diy. well dunno bout that but this time there will be some sawing and sandpapering required because we have to adjust this one rack to fit the limited space in the kitchen. the senorita asked if i could do some cutting and welding if we needed to adjust one of the metal racks.

er.. welding cannot la. soldering dulu pernah buat kot time but that was back when tak hengat.

the feeling of accomplishment that u get from successfully completing a certain diy task is really great. hehe. like the other time when i fixed the little munchkin's almari. and the power tool that i got when we wanted to drill the curtain railings when we were about to move in proved very useful indeed. u know la the thing i have with gadget and tools ni. maybe after this i'll explore carpentry more seriously. apparently my father in law did hi…

i... love... u....

i've been trying to get little jj to say 'mama'. hehe i know it's early still but hey it doesn't hurt to try eh. little jj has been responding well to my 'i.. love.. u..' trick. when she hears the 'u' she'll laugh like no body's business. hehe. so cute la the laugh. i.. love.. u.. ehehehehe ehehe. again.. u...ehehehe eheh. i wonder if she already understands it.

why mama? why not get her to say papa? well, since the gorgeous senorita would be the one spending all the time with little jj while i'm at the office, just imagine la how hearing little jj say 'mama' would make her day for sure. hehe.and then after that can la say papa. for when papa comes home all worn out from working eh.

little jj has been showing another side of her character. i think she's in that phase where she just wants ur full attention and u can't help but to comply. hehe. especially when she gives u that 'ooh pick me' look and she la…

one big ol copy machine..

they should put this in the 'new daddy's manual', the importance of typing with one hand. heck that skill is not just handy for them late night cybersex sessions eh. nope its handy for when u wanna hold your daughter and blog at the same time. hehe since got little jj watching blog entry must be PG. :)

u ever feel like sometimes the life ur living is someone else's? lemme rephrase that. u ever feel like sometimes someone else's life is the one u wanna live? what am i getting at? well a spate of plagiarism in the blogosphere cropped up of late made me think. well its not really new but it just came to my attention la.

its not like a simple coincidence we're talking about here. its structured, schemed, well crafted full blown plagiarism. not even bothering with pulling a hudson - translating or something like that. blatantly putting something out there and claiming it as your own. not acknowledging or not even denying when someone gives u props for coming up with …

Tips and trick for riding the lrt..

Apparently there's a subtle way to cut queues for the lrt nowadays. If u ever take the lrt from klcc u'll notice that sometimes the queue starts right infront of the doors. I mean if ur going to wangsa maju, ur queue starts at the doors for the kelana jaya line.

So just now this two ladies were 'pura-pura' queueing at the wangsa maju queue. But when the train for kj came they just turn around and nonchalantly enter the open doors. Heh. Sneaky eh.

Btw i saw a dude reading the talisman by stephen king and peter straub. Hehe best gile the story i tell yaaaa.

a rockin and a rollin..

what was that all about..

so little jj has finally learnt how to roll over. and we were lucky to have caught everything on video. when i saw the clip that the senorita took i can't help but feel a sense of daddy pride. hehe, its an achievement she's been threatening to do for the past few weeks already. they do grow up so quickly eh.

we went to keramat and on the way little jj decided that she wants to throw up. the exact term would be regurgitate. in the car. just when we were about to enter the federal highway. so a quick pit stop was necessary. a two man job at the back of the car. little jj was looking all cute like nothing was wrong. the little munchkin was sitting at the front fiddling with the air cond. little jj has perfected that look. parents ya'll know what i'm talking about. the look that they give when they did something and they don't want you to get all angry. hehe how la can u get angry when they give u that look.

wan mummy was all rindu'ing little…

Stairway to heaven..

I never really got that song. I mean its a classic and all and its great to sing during karaoke but apart from the bruhaha with the subliminal devil worshipping message supposedly embedded in the song, i don't really get it.

The only reason i thought about it was because it was playing whilst i'm waiting for the lrt and i figured it'll make a good blog entry. Which if u familiar with this blog u'll notice that sometimes the title have nothing to do whatsoever with the main content. Well sometimes la. Anyways over the last weekend i found out that this girl i knew passed away. She was involved in an auto accident. She was close to some of my friends and reading a bunch of blogs, people were still shocked by the untimely death. I had her on fb and it's so surreal looking at her page with her messages and getting a reminder of her upcoming birthday.

I admit that i didn't know her that well. The only reason it got to me was how fragile everything in our lives is. On…

baby and mommy pic monday..

my precious..

2 - 1 to the arsenal..

these past few weeks have been really frustrating watching arsenal. it started with the last minute draw with the spuds. the lost at stoke. the other draw with fenerbahce. coupled with some injuries and stoopid suspension the game against man u wouldn't have come at a worse time. the critics were having a field day writing off the gunner's chances. and with wenger's strong comments against the physical style of our recent opponents, people were skeptical about our title challenge.

the match was superb for the neutrals but when united managed to get a goal with just a couple of minutes to go before extra time it got quite nervy again. the 6 minutes of added time didn't help la kan. but i guess we learned our mistakes from conceding two late goals against the spuds in extra time, we managed to hold on for the win. although there were a few chances to finish the game off completely but for some poor decision making and finishing. bendtner got into some good positions. walc…

Baby pic tuesday

You can never go wrong with pics of little jj.

the last flight of the monkees??

so the flying monkees were on the prowl again today for the sun motorhunt 2008. this time round we have a new edition to the team of the senorita, muz, eju and myself. yep we were joined by the youngest hunter for the day, little jj. since she's on boobies exclusively and she's not particularly fond of bottles, we decided to bring her along.

this is the second year we're hunting in the master's category. although i must say the challenge is greater, the fun is still there to be had. since we were outta practice, some of the questions seem to escape our comprehension. but true enough you need luck at times when it came to breaking some of the clues. there were a few questions which only one or two teams who managed to break it and i'm kinda chuffed that it was us who did it.

tembak? or skill? hehe.

anyways like last year, we came in second last. hehe at least la kan. but the consolation was that the prizes from 20th to 11th is the same. hehe a philips 4GB video mp3 pla…

Lets break out..

What's the use of having unlimited internet access if ur not gonna use
it for downloading yet to air here tv shows?Hehe my name is michael scofield..I couldn't resist googling the plotlines for the fourth season. I must
say that i'm intrigued. Hehe.--
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