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sudah masuk kerja..

so raya came and went. well we're still in the raya mood of course. things are moving kinda slow at the office because of that. folks are still in the holiday mood. empty chairs abound. even my boss is still not back yet.

we spent the first day of raya visiting relatives. after the morning prayers at kelana jaya we went to the senorita's aunt and uncle and cousins. little jj behaved herself and tlm got his fill of duit raya. later in the evening we went back to my parents place for the customary ayam masak merah and masak lodeh. my dad made lemang which i'd already taste when we went there the day before raya.

on the second day. tlm wanted to follow his grandparents to ipoh. we decided not to go since little jj kecik lagi. so end up spending the second day, shopping for stuff at one utama and sunway piramid. jenuh gak berjalan. surprisingly (well not really la) the shopping malls were busy. orang beraya kat panggung wayang kot? pusing-pusing tengok orang. had lunch dekat chili's. lama tak makan la kan.

i wanted to get the senorita something. since it being that time of the year, i've always managed to buy something for meself and the senorita. last year i contributed to her E90 smartphone (which i am currently using now). this time round i asked la what she wanted. what do u get someone who have it all? hmm. well we went through the list la kan. kasut? dah banyak? make up? nak beli sendiri. baju? nak buat sendiri hehe ape lagi. digital camera? er tu bukan awak yang akan pakai ke? what about a phone? a decent camera phone? hmm okay gak kot. done.

you see the senorita has this 4.1 mega pixel olympus digital camera. which she hardly use. i felt that we could use a decent digital camera to carry around when we go out and all. but the senorita doesn't want to carry a bunch of gadgets around. so we had to consider something else. from the top of my head the options for a good camera phone was the sony ericsson C902 and the nokia n82. we had a good look around one utama before deciding on sunway piramid 'because that's where we got the e90'.

there was this one salesman that the senorita was looking for, ingat can get la more discount since sudah pernah beli from him before. unfortunately he was not there. there was this other guy who was also helpful. tengah dok cakap pasal camera phone. the senorita sudah nampak the e66. erks. jatuh cinta kejap. i proceeded to highlight the virtue of a good multimedia device la as oppose to a business centric phone like te e66 or e71 even. the senorita agreed la but the e66 was damn sexy. hehe. in the end i said okay la. u pick la.

i was so proud of the senorita when she decided on the n82. function won over form.

it wasn't the latest phone from nokia, it had been around and they've probably ironed out the kinks. although, we have yet to upgrade to the latest firmware yet. something about it being unhackable. but it does have a host of other cool features. wifi. gps. tv out. built in accelerometer. dah been snapping like crazy plak since we got it. guess la the most photographed baby sape. hehe.

peek a boo

reading all them techie features you'd be forgiven la if u think that i would be the one using the phone. but make no mistake, the senorita has again proven that she is adept at all this tech stuff and might be more techier than me. heh.

but.. but if you still prefer the business phone, u can la use the e90. i'll sacrifice la and use your new phone.. hehe yeah right.

so last year, when i contribute to the e90, i bought myself the psp. this year, i decided to jump ship and go back to my roots and got myself a nintendo ds lite. before the psp, i have pretty much owned all the gameboy variants. the original gameboy, the gameboy color, the gameboy advance, i skipped the gameboy sp though. don't get me wrong. i had my fun with the psp. the games and graphics are superb. it can be a little bit distracting at times. the senorita was happy when i auctioned it off. less happy when i decided to replace it with the dslite. hehe.

                                                                                       Feeling blue

why the switch some may ask. isn't it a downgrade? well in terms of graphics and multimedia capabilities it kinda is. but in terms of novel gameplay, nintendo still have that appeal. they did it with the wii. and they've been doing it with the ds. i've been playing zelda's phantom hourglass. and i was faced with this challenge of trying to put out the candles to open the door. i tried striking it with my sword, swirling and all and it just wouldn't do. read the clue again and it said to blow the candles. so i blew la. physically blowing the candles, through the mic that is and the candles went out. the door opened. hehe how cool is that? plus there are a number of other games that utilizes the stylus. trauma center is another noted game. and the homebrew scene is kinda cool to. i've already found a program to turn the ds into a full fledge organizer. hehe. buleh pretend to schedule meetings while i bash villains on the screen. er not simultaneously la unfortunately.

so the review thus far is quite favorable. the games may look kiddish. but it would challenge the best of grown-ups. heck i'll even be using it as a teaching aid to get tlm to do some brain exercise. hehe.

the more astute of you might pick up a growing trend.

when the senorita gets something, acat get something too. or is it the other way around? when acat wants something, the senorita needs to get something first? hehe where got. all coincidental aje. ish.. ish.. ish.. ;P
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