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i think by now most of us are aware that we can keep our mobile numbers when we switch telcos. but do we really know what it involves? well fear not because i have initiated the process. i'm switching back to celcom. went to the jalan ampang branch. filled up a few forms and that's it. now i have to wait for 2 to 7 days for everything to clear. there's a few caveats to it. the account you are porting needs to be in your name. and if u have any supplementary lines u have to transfer everything lock stock and two smoking barrels.

if it seems that there's any issue outstanding with your old telco than they have the right to reject the application and you need to sort it out first before trying again.

which brings me to why i'm switching in the first place. as u all know i used to be on maxis. then maxis fucked me over so i switched to celcom. i had no complaints with celcom well almost la, no telco is perfect but i got over it pretty quickly. then the senorita who is on maxis got an offer for the maxis family plan thing. she opened a supplementary line so that i could use it and make free calls to her all the time - since i don't really call anyone else anyways. i terminated my celcom account and switched to maxis. things were going okay. intermittent 3g/gsm network switching aside, everything was okay.

then i found out that i would have to make more business related calls and make business related surfing and what not. i can claim all this but the powers that be required that all billing is under my name. so we went to maxis center in sunway and did the necessary. so somehow maxis managed to mess things up. the senorita's number is supposed to be supplementary to mine but they still had her as a separate account - wait the number is supplementary but the account is separate. huh? well what it means is basically they didn't do the account transfer correctly or something like that.

i called 123 to ask them to fix it. this lady answered and said that they can't do it over the phone i need to go to maxis center in sunway. fuck that. i said its not my fault. can u just fix everything online since all the records should be online anyways right? well this mona said she'd call sunway and will call me back.

she never did. so i dragged my ass to maxis klcc. told them what happened and ask if they can fix it. the customer rep, sarah told me that there was something wrong with my account. the supplementary account should be under my name. but it seems that it is still separated. but it is a supplementary account? huh? so can u fix it? no we can't. i have to go to maxis center sunway. i made a mini scene, so sarah said she will email maxis sunway with my details and then they would call me to update on my status.

they never did. so i did the 123 again. talked to kesevan. who said that he will call me by the end of the day with some solid answers.

luckily he did. it seems that maxis sunway have no records of pending instructions with regards to my account. he asked if i remembered who the person who attended to me. i told him wtf. if u go to burger king 2 weeks ago would u still remember the person who served u? plus i refused to go back to maxis sunway. when everything should easily be fixed with a quick key presses. kesevan wanted to close the complaint. i told him yeah u can close la. but its not resolved. hehe if u heard me on the phone u might think that it was such a big issue. but this is a matter of principles. i don't want to waste my time going back to sunway to fix something which is not my fault.

so i told kesevan that i'm switching to celcom.

it probably would not affect them the least. but maxis customer service sucks balls.

but they can still screw me by blocking the transfer cause the senorita's number is under her name. even if kesevan said that her account is supplementary and all that.

so now we just have to wait..
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