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4 - 4 wtf..

i got it from my momma..
the senorita warned me against watching the 4am game of arsenal vs spuds. 'mesti kalah punye' she said. she didn't want me to seksa diri bangun pepagi nengok bola.
arsenal managed to lose a two goal lead twice to draw the game 4-4. 
'kan dah kata'
saaaayang nye awak berdua ni...

look ma i'm on the radio..

i was listening to RED FM in the morning on my way to work. will and audrey were talking about internet relationships and the possibility of meeting someone worthwhile online. i figured i sms them about the senorita and i, how we met and how 3 years on we're still happy.

so audrey called me back and asked if it was okay for me to talk on the show. hehe i said why not. hehe was kinda nervous but what the heck. so it was will on the line and i told him about blogging, how the senorita read me and how i asked her out for coffee and how we hit it off. he asked where we were now in context of our relationship. i told him we're married, we had a baby in july and he was impressed.

he asked if i still blogged and i said yes, but the things i blog about are fairly different. hehe didn't manage to tell the senorita bout it until much later when i got to the office. she would've wanted me to tell will that she's a big fan of the show. hehe.

anyways, i used to write a lot about r…

MNP.. the end..

the switch was done. so it seems that it didn't take that long. after maxis rectified the mistake with the supplementary account name, i called up celcom to get them to process the transfer. that was in the afternoon. i got an sms saying that the application is successful and that i should wait for another sms within 24 hours to switch to the celcom sim card.

i got the sms around 5ish.

easy peasy lemon squeezy.

so 012 is now celcom eh.

so i guess its more power to the consumer eh. u truly have the freedom to choose whoever you want whenever you want. hehe can keep just the one number for life eh?

sudah tukar aa..


i think by now most of us are aware that we can keep our mobile numbers when we switch telcos. but do we really know what it involves? well fear not because i have initiated the process. i'm switching back to celcom. went to the jalan ampang branch. filled up a few forms and that's it. now i have to wait for 2 to 7 days for everything to clear. there's a few caveats to it. the account you are porting needs to be in your name. and if u have any supplementary lines u have to transfer everything lock stock and two smoking barrels.

if it seems that there's any issue outstanding with your old telco than they have the right to reject the application and you need to sort it out first before trying again.

which brings me to why i'm switching in the first place. as u all know i used to be on maxis. then maxis fucked me over so i switched to celcom. i had no complaints with celcom well almost la, no telco is perfect but i got over it pretty quickly. then the senorita who is on…

why sometimes keeping yourself up to date ain't necessarily the best..


only in malaysia are we not that concerned with the credit crisis that is affecting the world. yep. if you read the mainstream news you'll be hard pressed to find anything on how the crisis have affected malaysian companies or the country. according to the news, investment is still coming in, companies are still profitable.. yada yada blah di blah. either we're that oblivious or fundamentally the country's economy IS that strong to withstand the impending doom. heck u have to wonder tho, even our strong neighbour has admitted that they are in a recession. quarterly back to back contractions which was previously unheard off. well maybe that's just how their economy is set up. totally externally driven, ur bound to be affected by what's happening in the world.

being in the business of risk, i'm currently tasked with monitoring all the latest developments surrounding our counterparts and whatever news that may affect the industry in general. that's a whole …

sudah masuk kerja..

so raya came and went. well we're still in the raya mood of course. things are moving kinda slow at the office because of that. folks are still in the holiday mood. empty chairs abound. even my boss is still not back yet.

we spent the first day of raya visiting relatives. after the morning prayers at kelana jaya we went to the senorita's aunt and uncle and cousins. little jj behaved herself and tlm got his fill of duit raya. later in the evening we went back to my parents place for the customary ayam masak merah and masak lodeh. my dad made lemang which i'd already taste when we went there the day before raya.

on the second day. tlm wanted to follow his grandparents to ipoh. we decided not to go since little jj kecik lagi. so end up spending the second day, shopping for stuff at one utama and sunway piramid. jenuh gak berjalan. surprisingly (well not really la) the shopping malls were busy. orang beraya kat panggung wayang kot? pusing-pusing tengok orang. had lunch dekat chi…

dam dam dum..

From Family
selamat hari raya..