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they just grow so fast..

so the senorita started expressing milk last week and i successfully fed little jj her first feed via the bottle. cause to celebrate? i dunno. don't want little jj to be all confused with the pseudo nipple now do we. plus even if ur expressing milk, u still need to breast feed coz only then will yo be stimulated enough to produce more milk. heh. part stimulate-stimulate ni don't be looking at me la kan. how many days has it been again? hehe. i know what the senorita will say about that. :p

she's so cute la sleeping like that. little jj i mean. with her hair starting to grow into a cute Mohawk cut. haha i'm serious. i love how she just lentoks her head when i burp her after the senorita feeds her. puas. she's been behaving most of the time but when she acts out, she really does. sometimes i run out of things to do. do the bouncy on the ballsy. put her on the vibrating rocker and do my little dance - which worked for a bit before the siren's blaring again. most of the time she just wants her mommy's boobs. sometimes even the boobs not enough - i'm sure she didn't get that from me. ;)

the good thing about little jj being solely breastfed, her poo doesn't stink. well that's what i think la kan. having change her a number of times, i've yet to use them wooden pegs to cover my nose. :p wait la until we start her on solids eh.

kids just grow up so fast don't u think. it was only 54 days ago that little jj came out all icky and small. look how fast she's grown. if i were to hazard a guess, she probably weighs more than 5 kgs now. we have to wait for her next check up to be exact. that one's coming next week i think. and with that comes her next set of shots. the senorita was already dreading that. kesian she says. ye lah, she did carry little jj for 9 months okay. mesti la ada rasa sket. well i also waited for little jj for 9 months okay. lagi la kesian. :p

peaceful sleep..

you have to appreciate the little milestones, the first smile, the first laugh. the first gargle like sounds. hehe. let the worry come later eh. little jj ain't going out on any dates until she's 25. heh.
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