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inject inject vaccine.. sapa sakit naik atas..

so little jj had her second month shots already. we went to see this paediatrician nearer to our place. well not la walking distance. this one clinic in ss21. the doctor was an elderly gent who was kinda boisterous and fatherly. we took some measurements and little jj is almost 6 kgs already. and that ladies and gentlemen is all down to the sustenance of breast milk.

hehe. guess who's not affected by the hubbub with them contaminated milk from china?

the doctor was very attentive. apparently the senorita once took the little munchkin to see him and he was as he is now. i'm thinking we'll stick with this doctor for now. unless he decides to retire anytime soon la kan. hehe. incidentally them 6 in 1 vaccine ain't cheap. add on the optionals rota virus dosage, babies nowadays sure are protected. but u might be surprised to know that despite all the protection, u still are playing a numbers game. percentages of the vaccines being successful. 90%, 60% 40%. i guess in the end all u can do is pray everything is going to be alright. 

little jj was a brave little girl. she got her shot on her thigh. cried for bit. i must admit the senorita and i were the one's yang worried. kesian tau. carried/waited for her for 9 months. tak sampai hati nak tengok dia kena inject. uhuk uhuk. 


time sure flies. we'll be celebrating raya next week. hehe second raya as a family. first one with little jj in tow. i wonder how she'd react with the visiting relatives and all the fuss with her chubby cheeks. i tell ya if anyone so much as attempt to squeeze them cheeks.. heh. they'll have me to answer to. hehe saja la. kesian kat little jj nanti. tengok can. picit please k.


anyways the senorita was telling me how little jj is acting up a bit. apparently whenever i'm around she behaves but when i'm away she starts la. it seems that i've been missing a bunch of little jj's antics. 

sometimes rasa macam malas aje nak pergi kerja. hmph.
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