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tak habis lagi..

natasha hudson came on melodi, had the chance to say something significant i.e apologize or admit her mistakes but decided that she would prolong the issue by not admitting and saying that 'the blogger' as being jealous of her ability to publish a book.
ironically she was interviewed at a promotion of her latest flick, tipu kanan tipu kiri.

an ass thou hand. aku rasa macam bodoh kejap. 

inject inject vaccine.. sapa sakit naik atas..

so little jj had her second month shots already. we went to see this paediatrician nearer to our place. well not la walking distance. this one clinic in ss21. the doctor was an elderly gent who was kinda boisterous and fatherly. we took some measurements and little jj is almost 6 kgs already. and that ladies and gentlemen is all down to the sustenance of breast milk.

hehe. guess who's not affected by the hubbub with them contaminated milk from china?

the doctor was very attentive. apparently the senorita once took the little munchkin to see him and he was as he is now. i'm thinking we'll stick with this doctor for now. unless he decides to retire anytime soon la kan. hehe. incidentally them 6 in 1 vaccine ain't cheap. add on the optionals rota virus dosage, babies nowadays sure are protected. but u might be surprised to know that despite all the protection, u still are playing a numbers game. percentages of the vaccines being successful. 90%, 60% 40%. i guess in the end …

freedom for everyone?

does freedom for everyone means freedom without limits? can we be free to do whatever we want without imposing on the freedom of others? if someone is free to smoke himself to death, which is his prerogative, we should respect that. but surely we should also respect the freedom of someone not to inhale second hand smoke. which holds the greater value? how do we decide on whose freedom do we uphold?

but then, if we have limits, surely then we are not truly free?

is there such a thing as true freedom?

i guess the only way to move forward is to have compromises. and by compromise i mean sacrifice. we all need to sacrifice a little bit of our freedom to ensure that all in all everyone would be in the position where the common benefits would outweigh the individual costs.

we need to focus.

we need to be prepared to let go of the things that we hold dear for the greater good. we need to be able to trust those who would then define what this 'greater good' would be. we need to trust the…

what little jj thinks about all the hubbub..

its not friday. but heck, we all could use some baby pics to chill what with all the uncertainty surrounding us.

they just grow so fast..

so the senorita started expressing milk last week and i successfully fed little jj her first feed via the bottle. cause to celebrate? i dunno. don't want little jj to be all confused with the pseudo nipple now do we. plus even if ur expressing milk, u still need to breast feed coz only then will yo be stimulated enough to produce more milk. heh. part stimulate-stimulate ni don't be looking at me la kan. how many days has it been again? hehe. i know what the senorita will say about that. :p

she's so cute la sleeping like that. little jj i mean. with her hair starting to grow into a cute Mohawk cut. haha i'm serious. i love how she just lentoks her head when i burp her after the senorita feeds her. puas. she's been behaving most of the time but when she acts out, she really does. sometimes i run out of things to do. do the bouncy on the ballsy. put her on the vibrating rocker and do my little dance - which worked for a bit before the siren's blaring again. most of…

ooh.. aaah..

penat carry the pipi tembam..

time flies..

it seems time just flies eh. we're now in september, its already the fasting month (selamat berpuasa to all btw), little jj is getting bigger. chubbier. hehe macam daddy dia eh. well she only looks like me when it comes to the chubby bit la. the little munchkin is convinced that he's getting thinner just after two three days of fasting. if only i share his optimism, altho someone did comment that i look slimmer at the office. must be the illusion caused by me wearing stripes.

chubby cheeks..
the premier league transfer window closed with the gunners not surprising anyone by not bringing anybody in. wenger must have strong faith in the squad to compete. man u got their target berbatov. the surprise of the season came in the form of robinho moving to the newly rich man city. heh. crazy money flowing around eh. looks like the arabs have held off long enough from investing in the premier league. crazy money man. we saw what chelsea achieved with bucket loads of roman's dough. no…