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i love maju junction..

maju junction has always been good to the flyin monkees over the years. this year its no different. the amazing merdeka walkahunt returned after going missing last year in the hunt calendar. the flyin monkees was represented by myself, muz and my sister jannah. my brothers khalil and asyiq along with my sister ana made up another team.

it had been a while since we went hunting. the last hunt was a couple of months back. the one with the senorita being all pregnant and we got second place for my company's sports carnival treasure hunt.

since the arrival of two little baby monkees for the flying monkees, treasure hunting had to take a back seat. we have to be selective with our hunts. no more overnighters. walkahunts and day hunts would still be okay. for now la kan. anyways i personally love the maju junction merdeka challenge because it has another element to it that u don't get with normal hunts. there's the physical and mental challenges that can significantly influence th…

Arsenal 1 - 0 West Brom..

okay, little jj doesn't understand footie yet. she doesn't understand why her papa get all excited when samir nasri scored on his debut 4 minutes into the new season at the emirates. she doesn't get the whole '1 nil to the arsenal chant'. and most importantly she won't understand why her papa insist on taking pictures of her against his gunners jersey.

little jj and the goal scorer..
okayla. we got a winning start. it wasn't pretty. i mean the football was pretty, there was a whole amount of possession but no penetration. but i think things can only get better. clichy and nasri linked up pretty well on the left. denilson was productive. but he's no defensive midfielder. adebayor got into great positions but he looked a bit rusty. all in all we were good for the three points. the new season also saw some changes to the rules. there's 7 on the subs bench now. that should give the manager some flexibility and options if needed.

so little jj will be the ne…

crazy season's here..

morning hello..

hehe okay tomorrow the gunners will kick off the new epl season with a match against west brom. yeay. hehe mari train anak perempuan kita untuk menyokong team favourite papa dia. hehe.

i was faced with a serious test of my diaper dooties skill. last night, i was changing little jj. i was just done with the butt wiping when suddenly she started to leak. erks. the changing mat was all wet, her clothes also got all wet in the process don't ask me how la kan. i cleaned her up, put new diapers and was about to change her clothes. baru letak kejap dia start to regurgitate. aaah. panic. baju tak habis pakai, tempat changing still basah. i was holding her and she was getting uncomfortable. sirens were blaring. aah aaah panic. what to do.

the senorita came and took little jj. placed her and change her clothes all in one fell swoop.

er. what was the panic all about eh? hehe. entah. rasa overwhelmed kejap kot sebab she never did that multiple attack on me before. hehe. panic at …

drama la di da..

holding your daughter in your arms as she tries to get some sleep after a good feeding session is indescribable. i so love how little jj smells. babies have that smell that just melts your heart away kan? hmm.

papa cakap jada smells??

after three weeks, little jj has been demonstrating a change in her habits. she starts to get cranky more nowadays. still sucking on boobies like nobody's business tho. and she's been growing. hehe lenguh jugak memegang after a while. have to switch hands every now and then. but its all good la i suppose. the gorgeous senorita and i plan to stick with the breastfeeding at least up to the recommended 6 month period. we'll see la afters if we can stick with it. and this i say as if i also am doing the breastfeeding la kan. waah senang aje cakap. well we are planning to express milk, so that i can hook up my artificial man-boobs like the one robert deniro had on meet the fockers and try to feed little jj.

i'm sure she'll be deeply traumatis…

500 and counting..

the many faces of little jj

little jj is growing nicely. she's getting a lot heftier when i bathe her in the morning before going off to work. so cute how she looks at me while i wash her face. how she wriggles when i scrub her. how she freezes her legs every time i wanna change her diaper. being at the office doesn't really help. although work must go on, u can't help but to wonder about the things ur missing at home.

the gorgeous senorita is also starting to get a bit 'rimas' with the confinement. there's a bunch of things that she's itching to do but she can't because i asked her not to. chores and lifting heavy stuff. she still manages to do a bit of translating in between. in between having to feed little jj and feed little jj. the senorita told me that little jj has been feeding like crazy. which is a good thing la kan.

naz and ezanee came over during the weekend. naz brought her camera along and took some really nice pics of little jj. nice because …