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so the check up with the doctor today was interesting. the senorita lost some weight and the baby is still happily flipping her way inside. i think she's still comfortable waiting la. my target due date is coming tomorrow. the senorita says if she follows that then for sure little jj nanti gang dengan papa dia. hehe. but i kinda doubt la kan since the mak urut, my grandma sedara and even my mom felt that little jj could come out by the end of june. hehe. but then again 20th ada 24 jam.

the doctor was being awful cheery this time. we had a fire drill happen at the complex and i must say the organization was ridiculous. they had some sort of smoke generating machine that smells suspiciously like that fogging smoke for dengue. this dude on a hailer was telling everyone to go to the designated assembly area - which incidentally have to go through the smog infested 'fiery scene'. imagine la a bunch of pregnant women, trudging through all that smoke. we said thanks but no thanks and waited across the street - away from the smoke.

anyways, it was good to hear that everything is okay with little jj. the shock of having to contemplate c-section the last time was replaced with the soothing reassurance that we are still okay to go for a natural delivery.

the doctor is 90% sure that we'll be seeing little jj within the week. so tomorrow still counts eh.

on to other stuff. and the senorita can happily skip this bit. there have been some movement on the transfer front with regards to the gunners. coming in, we have aaron ramsey and samir nasri the major additions. flamini, hleb and gilberto all left the club and one can say that we're running short of experience. the media has been touting a few names as possible replacements. barry, alonso to name a few. but looking at wenger's trend, its highly doubtful that these signings will be made. tah la. the gunner's will be facing Barnet for their first friendly. interesting to see how the new signings slot in.

the doctor asked me - seeing that i was wearing the arsenal top that the senorita got me - u a fan of emirates airline ke? heh. nak gelak tapi i explain la that its arsenal. hehe siap explaining to the doctor why i love the gunners and what not. hehe siap declare that little jj will become another arsenal fan. hehe jangan sokong spurs sudah. hehe.

have a good weekend ya'll
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