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She looks like me, no she looks like u..

I'm smiling..
look ma, i'm smiling..

A baby in her early days have this tendency to look like either the mom or the dad. Well depending on whose friends who were commenting i think u would get some biased opinions. Some of my friends said that little jj looked more like me while most of the senorita's friends say that she looked more like her. But since azlan who was my friend said that little jj looked like the senorita then it is settled la. Little jj looks like the senorita more. Well up till now la.

We went to the doctor's for her first check up on monday morning. It was at the same hospital where she was born and although we had an appointment scheduled at 9.30 there were a few people already waiting in line for the doctor. The clinic was on the second floor and it was on the same floor with other specialists not only for kids.

While we were waiting, little jj had a bout of 'wannasuckonmommy'nitis. So the senorita was quitely giving her what she asked for. This man then came over and sat at the corner. He was coughing every few minutes and he didn't even bother to close his mouth. It seemed like he was oblivious to all the babies and toddlers not to mention the anxious parents waiting for the paediatrician. We moved away from him the first chance we got. So inconsiderate.

We came in for a quick check up with the doctor. Little jj has grown from 3.27 kgs at birth to 3.43 kgs after a week. Hehe all thanks to a healthy diet of susu cap kantung. And no i didn't make that one up. If the initial calculations were correct little jj would have come out on the 28th and at 3.43 kgs at that. Luckily she came when she did. If not i can't imagine la what the senorita would have to go through to get her out.

Oh and i forgot to mention that i registered little jj at the jpn on friday. And like a very responsible dad, i've already created her gmail and blogger accounts with her name. Although technically u need to be 13 to be able to use blogger. Found that out when i wanted to update her profile and when i entered her birthday, i can't save it coz she's not yet 13.. Duh. But its okay. At least we have secured her unique email add. Hehe. Not even potty trained but she has her own email account.

Little jj has been surprising us with a bunch of stuff. She already had her involuntary smiling moment and i could swore i heard her laugh when i said something remotely funny. I know its still early days but i can't help but be amazed at how she is developing. The 9 months she spent inside was cool but now i could see her live and up close its amazing. She loves to stretch and i guess that was what she was doing when we could see the senorita's tummy moving and bulging. So cute la. With her 'i is shy' pose where she covers her face with her hands. I can't get enough of her. Hehe.

Now she's lying in the crib. After netekking. I can hear her sounds and she looks so peaceful trying to sleep. While i struggle to sleep myself. Hmm lets try counting little jj jumping over fences.

One.. Two.. Three little jj's aah ha ha ha.
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