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mari kita tukar nombor..

i used to be a maxis customer. i switched to celcom because they didn't allow me to retain my old account which was under my ex's name when we split up. so i've used celcom for three years and had no complaints except for the one time they charged me 3G usage when i switched to a 3G simcard when i infact didn't have a 3G phone. i was already on an unlimited data plan for GPRS. that month's bill set me back a few hundred bucks more. but i didn't ditch them for digi or anything like that. nope. i stuck with celcom.

but it has come to this now. i have ended my affair with celcom because i'm switching back to maxis. the senorita is on maxis. and since the majority of my calls are to her and my friends who are mostly on maxis anyways, i decided that its best to switch now. plus we get free calls to each other since we opted for the family plan thingy. so there u have it. i'm now back to maxis.

don't get me wrong, celcom has been good to me. hehe. nope this is not sponsored by celcom.but in light of the rising cost of living and what not, u need to save where you can la kan. hehe. excuses-excuses. see la. maybe i'll jump ship again ke if conditions are favorable.

or better yet, kita try digi ka, u-mobile ka, and whatever else that may come la kan. hehe still waiting for digi's 3G offering. jadi ke tak? i thought they bought over time's licence ages ago? hehe.

ice cream. yum.

the cornetto sundae at mcdonalds sure hits the spot. i only knew about it when the senorita told me to get it for her. sedap. hehe. sure fattening. but who cares eh. its so easy when mcd is just downstairs. and u can just walk down in ur kain pelikat and just chill. hehe.

anyways, if anyone need my new number just email la. if u don't have my old number then i bet u probably don't need the new one as well. hehe have a nice rest of the week ya'll.

p/s wouldn't it be nice if the little jj decides to pop out on the 20th of July? hehe 20072008 - conceived in 2007 born in 2008. like our anniversary - 20052007. hehe met in 2005 got hitched in 2007. how cool is that eh. hehe

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