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the final stretch..

The sight of your wife going through labor is something that you will never forget. The sight of the doctor holding up your baby girl is something that you will cherish forever. The sound of her first cries. How it felt when you first hold her in your arms. It’s a feeling that you just can't describe. 

hello world..

We have already resigned ourselves to the fact that little jj would be coming out much later than we hoped. But I guess this girl just love to surprise.

The day started off like any other. The senorita cooked her Sunday nasi goreng before we sent tlm for his tae kwon do practice. We went to jusco one utama to get some groceries. The senorita was still okay with the walking and all. We went home and picked up tlm. There was some work done on the electricity so there was none till much later in the afternoon. The senorita was telling me that she felt like she was leaking. She called her mom to check. We had seen some discharges before with the mucous plug coming loose. But this time it was a bit different. Thinner. Watery. It didn't feel like the water broke though.

The senorita went to the toilet and there it was I could see clear water flowing down her legs. Okay - now confirm the water bag has burst. The antenatal lessons prepared us in a sense that we knew that there was still time to go before going to the hospital. Plus the senorita wasn't in any major pain. We waited till about 5pm before heading off to the hospital.

We checked in. preliminary check up indicated that the senorita was only 2cm dilated. So there was still a long wait to go. Tlm wasn't allowed to stay - so we got his grandparents to pick him up.

The contractions were becoming more frequent. I was looking at my watch just to watch how far apart they were. When we left for the hospital it was close to 10 minutes apart. By 8pm it was already 5 minutes apart and by the time the senorita was all ready to push it was already 9.40pm. The senorita wanted to go to the loo coz she felt like she wanted to pee. I asked the nurse to help her, the nurse decided to check on the senorita. Turns out she was already almost 10 cm dilated. So they decided to call the doctor.

When the doctor came, the senorita was already resisting the urge to push. The contractions were becoming more intense and my hands can testify to the awesome grip that the senorita possessed. Not that I’m complaining. She was doing the hard part. The doctor told the senorita to push. Hold ur breath and push. I didn't countla but the senorita pushed - and the baby was already crowning. Another push and the head is already out. next up was the shoulders and body. Finally little jj was out. Around 10:15 pm 20072008. she weighed in at 3.27 kg.

i'm so proud of my senorita. She fought hard today and totally deserved her rest. She’s asleep with little jj by her side. And I’m due for some shut eyes soon too.
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