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It's so hard..

I started work again today. I have to admit, although i did manage to get a lot of work done, it is with a very heavy heart that i leave my two favourite girls behind. The senorita sent me an mms of little jj doing her pose, her favourite stretching with 2 hands up in the air. My sister also sent an mms of the senorita and little jj. Uhuk uhuk uhuk, after 10 days of diapers, pooh, cooking and cleaning - its back to the grind.

Its a good thing that i took so many photos of little jj. I had my proud father moment when i showed the pics to my colleagues. I even have that smiling pic as the desktop wallpaper. It came out to about actual size. Hehe. The senorita asked how come tak pernah ada desktop wallpaper of her before this? Er.. Hmm. Eh did the opposition leader just resigned or something?

Anyways, i have figured out a routine that would minimize the hassle for the senorita during her confinement period. Masak air for the senorita's rempah bath thingy. Give little jj her bath. Am ge…

She looks like me, no she looks like u..

look ma, i'm smiling..

A baby in her early days have this tendency to look like either the mom or the dad. Well depending on whose friends who were commenting i think u would get some biased opinions. Some of my friends said that little jj looked more like me while most of the senorita's friends say that she looked more like her. But since azlan who was my friend said that little jj looked like the senorita then it is settled la. Little jj looks like the senorita more. Well up till now la.

We went to the doctor's for her first check up on monday morning. It was at the same hospital where she was born and although we had an appointment scheduled at 9.30 there were a few people already waiting in line for the doctor. The clinic was on the second floor and it was on the same floor with other specialists not only for kids.

While we were waiting, little jj had a bout of 'wannasuckonmommy'nitis. So the senorita was quitely giving her what she asked for. This man then came o…

on the 8th day..

kami rappers yo..

Changes come in bits and pieces..

And sometimes they come in small packages. Wrapped in the guise of a used disposable diaper.

We survived our first day at the apartment with little jj. The senorita was discharged around 11ish and we made our way home. I drove at a snail's pace. We had waited 9 months for little jj to come out and i'm not about to be reckless in my driving. I realised that there were a lot of impatient people in kl. They were tailgating me and some were doing their overtaking on the left side. But we made it home in one piece. Thank god.We went to hospital with just one overnight bag, we came home with lotsa stuff. On behalf of the little jj and the senorita, i would like to thank everyone who came to visit and wished us well and also those bearing very useful gifts. Its as if ya'll know what we still haven't got. Cool. The senorita especially enjoys that one gift which was just for her apparently. I reported in for diaper dooties only today. Apparently i missed my bed sooo much that i …

the final stretch..

The sight of your wife going through labor is something that you will never forget. The sight of the doctor holding up your baby girl is something that you will cherish forever. The sound of her first cries. How it felt when you first hold her in your arms. It’s a feeling that you just can't describe. 

hello world..
We have already resigned ourselves to the fact that little jj would be coming out much later than we hoped. But I guess this girl just love to surprise.

The day started off like any other. The senorita cooked her Sunday nasi goreng before we sent tlm for his tae kwon do practice. We went to jusco one utama to get some groceries. The senorita was still okay with the walking and all. We went home and picked up tlm. There was some work done on the electricity so there was none till much later in the afternoon. The senorita was telling me that she felt like she was leaking. She called her mom to check. We had seen some discharges before with the mucous plug coming loose. But …

what else is new..

so the check up with the doctor today was interesting. the senorita lost some weight and the baby is still happily flipping her way inside. i think she's still comfortable waiting la. my target due date is coming tomorrow. the senorita says if she follows that then for sure little jj nanti gang dengan papa dia. hehe. but i kinda doubt la kan since the mak urut, my grandma sedara and even my mom felt that little jj could come out by the end of june. hehe. but then again 20th ada 24 jam.

the doctor was being awful cheery this time. we had a fire drill happen at the complex and i must say the organization was ridiculous. they had some sort of smoke generating machine that smells suspiciously like that fogging smoke for dengue. this dude on a hailer was telling everyone to go to the designated assembly area - which incidentally have to go through the smog infested 'fiery scene'. imagine la a bunch of pregnant women, trudging through all that smoke. we said thanks but no thanks …

did it do it for u?

the debate left me with more questions than answers. as expected there's no secret formula on some fancy schmancy fusion technology. it was not all rhetoric. and there are some valid points from both sides.

what it boils down to is the management of funds. i'm really glad that both parties acknowledge that the national oil company WAS and still IS doing a good job. don't be fixing what ain't broken eh.

it was interesting the points raised on the contracts. and what's up with the ridiculous terms and conditions? like all them toll concessionaire contracts. guaranteeing the operators profit for long periods. if these are a clear burden why don't they renegotiate? if it's not possible to negotiate because of the terms than why don't they consider imposing windfall profits tax to take back what is seemingly leaked? maybe there's more to it than that kot. maybe that can only be answered when we know who really profits from everything.

i guess it boils down …

the big debate..

it would be a crime to miss the big debate tonight. hehe. i for one will be watching it. although one can already guess la the points that will come out.

there are some points that need to be clarified. the topic of the debate is clear. hari ini membentuk kerajaan. esok turun harga minyak. what price are we talking about? petrol pumps? international crude oil prices?

can it be done? yes. but can it be done a day after one takes office? probably not. for starters, the transmission mechanism must be in place for any changes to filter down from a government ruling to the dealer at the pump. agreements between dealers and the oil company on who would bear the cost of the reduction. is it just a matter of increasing the government subsidies? or is it an erosion of profit from the oil companies perspective?

would the reduction be permanent? or is it just temporary? until it reaches a point where it is no longer sustainable and then will they just simply increase the price again? if they redu…

tunggu punya tunggu punya tunggu..

some people has been asking if little jj has come out yet. nope the answer is no. yes we're still waiting. and yes the waiting is fun. yeay. fun. its kinda hard to concentrate on a other stuff in ur life when u have something this big about to pop. no pun intended lakan. and while we're playing this waiting game people are bound to give advice and share their own experience. yes while this is appreciated it can be somewhat.. lets just say.. a little annoying.

the way i see it, individual experiences are different no matter how u look at it. lets just keep the advice and views based on facts. hehe.

things have been moving along quite okay at the office too. u may not know this but i recently moved to another department and i am no longer on the 35th floor. boo hoo. hehe. but there's going to be a major relocation soon and i may end up on the 35th floor again by the end of the year. so if that doesn't happen, i'll consider changing the title of the blog..

to the temple…

tick tick tick.. boom??!

okay little jj, if u can hear me i want u to know that we're kinda desperate for you to come out now.

the doctor kinda dropped the bomb when we came for our check up. she suggested we opt for a c-section since little jj is getting bigger - a little to big compared to the senorita's petite frame.

we hadn't really considered that option. it was always to go natural all the way. but i guess u can't really say la. so lets just forget about the 20th. hehe. come laa. there's a bunch of stuff that i want to show u. hehe.

we went to one utama after the check up. a little bit of walking won't hurt. we went to mph to look for a malay dictionary of economic terms. tough luck. nope nada. zilch. the senorita needed to confirm some of her translated words. a bit of googling led us to this useful website which pretty much translates a bunch of english terms into malay and vice versa. so save la a few bucks from having to buy a proper dictionary eh.

sony was having their hd exhi…

mari kita tukar nombor..

i used to be a maxis customer. i switched to celcom because they didn't allow me to retain my old account which was under my ex's name when we split up. so i've used celcom for three years and had no complaints except for the one time they charged me 3G usage when i switched to a 3G simcard when i infact didn't have a 3G phone. i was already on an unlimited data plan for GPRS. that month's bill set me back a few hundred bucks more. but i didn't ditch them for digi or anything like that. nope. i stuck with celcom.

but it has come to this now. i have ended my affair with celcom because i'm switching back to maxis. the senorita is on maxis. and since the majority of my calls are to her and my friends who are mostly on maxis anyways, i decided that its best to switch now. plus we get free calls to each other since we opted for the family plan thingy. so there u have it. i'm now back to maxis.

don't get me wrong, celcom has been good to me. hehe. nope this…

tick tock tick tock tick tock..

i am currently on call. nope the senorita is not over due. but you just get the funny feeling that it would be anytime soon. now ideally i would love to just stay at home and be prepared. zzass. if the labour signs appear aje terus la kita speed off to the hospital. my cubicle neighbour is telling me to relax. he's a veteran of 3 deliveries so he can talk la. its my first time so u'd expect la some nerves to be showing.

we now have weekly appointments with the doctor. the last one was on the 5th and the doctor gave us some great advice. well it was great for me la kan. 'u guys should have sex more'. natural stimulus to facilitate labour. hehe. yes ladies and gentlemen the senorita is still sexay lai that. hehe.

earlier i got a missed call from the senorita and immediately i thought about her being in labour. but when i called back she was all cheery semacam. just wanted to check the password on the computer. nasib baik. kalau tak nak kena melenjan la balik rumah. didn…

split rice?

there was this interesting bit on tv3's 360. something about the 'nasi kangkang' or 'nasi tangas'. how wives do it to 'tundukkan' the husband or something like that. interspersed in between the interviews were scenes from a drama, 'kehangatan lantana'. where the hot (can la) fasha sanda's character had to resort to 'nasi kangkang' to sort of control the husband. hmm. i think that's sending wrong signals la. look, if someone as hot also has to resort to nasi kangkang, what hope la to the others yang tak hot?

hehe, personally i think if u wanna affect your man.. u don't need to resort to nasi kangkang la.. u just have to kangkang :P

on a serious note, the month of july brings forth heightened sense of expectations as the delivery date draws closer. my mom have this feeling that it might be next week. based on her experience (11 times - so she must know a thing or two about giving birth eh) when the mom's feet starts to get swoll…