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not just for washing clothes..

my sister ana is living the dream that me and ahmad used to have. playing ur own music in front of a crowd. hehe woot woot. way to go ana..

she opened the show at the laundry bar and for the first time, i was able to catch her doing her thing. her music is fresh and she writes her own songs. which is always cool. hehe. do i sound biased? well of course la kan i'm her brother but then again, she didn't have it easy at home. we are of course her biggest fans and also biggest critics.

ana@the laundry

but we were there to support her tonight. hehe me, the senorita, khalil, ijai and ahmad were right there up front cheering her on as she performed her songs backed by the marhaens. er the marhaens ni pun bukan calang-calang orangnye. heh. but i guess they recognize her potential and wouldn't mind backing her up.

the songs that she played i've already heard a lot.. and by a lot i mean i can almost sing most of them already. but it was given a different flavor with the accompanying band. hehe. khalil videoed the whole thing so i'm sure it will crop up on youtube soon.

the senorita and i couldn't stay for the rest of the show, the music was getting a bit louder and we didn't want to upset little jj. hehe, tak moh la kasi heavy sangat first gig dia pergi. maybe i can get my brother ijai to blog a review.

a star is born.. (waiting to be born?)
after the set..

anyways, i've been blogging for a bit now. i think everyone's doing it right now. hehe anak-anak encik raffali aje ade how many sudah. hehe. good la i guess. daripada buat menda tepehape entah. baik la dok depan computer and write ur thoughts down. hehe.

anyways, i'm going to my first report card meeting for the little munchkin. hmm have to say that report cards were never a problem when i was going to school. but i guess i could understand la why kids will dread it. kalau report banyak merah kaler.. heh. mesti mama and papa marah. i just want to see what tlm's teacher has to say. hehe.. more and more filling that father role eh. heh. apparently the report card day is on the 30th. tlm has the date mixed up.. hmm nak marah ke tak.. nak marah ke tak.. hehe.

incidentally, this coming weekend is father's day. hehe haven't got anything special planned pun. oh yeah i'll be going on that awam walkahunt with khalil and ana. not setting any high targets pun apart from trying to beat the celebrity teams aje. hehe dunno who's the one paying that thousand entry fee to be in the same team with the 2 chong sisters tu. die hard la fan kot.

euro updates: german 1 - 2 croatia. waah. dah kalahkan england now kalahkan germany plak.. hehe. oh forgot to give props for the oranje the other day. woot woot.
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