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la la la la..

spare a thought for khalid boulahrouz. the dutch defender was faced with a family tragedy with the loss of his prematurely born daughter. but he showed great spirits to fight on and insist that he's ready to face russia in the quarter finals. it was quite a shock la to read. its not something u would wish upon anyone. germany beat portugal to reach the semis. but that news is second to what christiano ronaldo would announce in the next couple of days. is he leaving manure? hehe let us all hope so.

its my fifth day of multi-modal commuting. the cycling to and from the lrt station has been getting much easier. the main stickler remains the whole carrying the bike up the stairs and making sure that it doesn't impede anyone in the train. today was a bit.. testing. i got my usual spot and tried as much to squeeze myself in to minimize the space that i took up. then this one stop ni, this one hiyooge auntie came in and things became a tad awkward.

it was not pleasant.

oh and i missed my stop coz this one guy stood at the doorway as the doors were closing. thought of exiting at ampang park and cycle all the way but i was already running late. i had to go pick up tlm's report card earlier in the morning.

he finally got it right this time. the teacher explained his performance and i asked about how he was behaving in class. apparently the boy talks with his friends too much. so much so that he often didn't have time to jot things down off the board. and there i was thinking that this was due to him having difficulties. i have asked him before to just copy the questions first and then start on the answers once he finish copying. he has this habit of wanting to go thru the whole question everytime. a bit like me la.

so when i found out about the 'banyak berborak' and 'main-main' bit, i'll be having a strong word la with him on this back home. time to put on my 'papa garang' hat.

i told the gorgeous senorita that i felt like i was losing some weight. hehe. she scoffed at the notion. hehe asked me to look at my 'perut' and chin. i so love la my wife. hehe. hehe still have a loooong way to go. but seriously i think all the cycling and lifting is having some positive effect. hehe. baru nak masuk seminggu, imagine after a few months. woot woot. yeah right.

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