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i want to ride my bicycle..

i want to ride my bike. i want to ride my bicycle...

so its my first day of cycling to work. well technically that is. it took me 10 minutes to cycle to the kelana jaya lrt station. 20 seconds to pack my bike and a few minutes to walk up the stairs and queue up to enter the station. the kelana jaya commuters were more liberal with their queueing. not good. the majority were queuing nicely but there were some who decided that they were above queuing and just ignored the rest. i managed to get on the 3rd train which was relatively empty. manage to put my bike on the side under the emergency button. hope that's not a hazard.

the lrt ride was uneventful. i didn't see anyone else with a bicycle. there were some curious look from people. but hey who cares right? i arrived at klcc and lugged the bike to the exit. hehe. its like carrying a 15kg pack of rice with u to work. hehe.

i exited klcc lrt station, unpacked my bike and then proceeded to cycle to the office. cue some more curious look from curious people. the big bosses were not there yet coz i didn't see any of the big cars parked outside. i folded the bike and carried it in. i think i'll probably get buff from all the heavy carrying.

as i enter, this guy commented how 'this was a very good idea' and 'do they let u carry this on the lrt nowadays'. the guards were also very open with me bypassing the security checkpoint - i don't think the dahon eco 3 would fit in the scanner. took the bike up the escalator and into the lift. met some more curious people. i explained that i did not cycle all the way from kelana jaya - although that would be reallly interesting. hehe.

the bike is now folded under my desk. the tea lady was asking why i looked kinda outta breath. i said that it was from the cycling. showed the bike under the table. hehe she said she wanted to get one too but her friends were laughing at the idea.

under the table
tucked in

hehe all i can say is let them laugh.

anyways what are the changes in my travelling habit that i can share? okay. i still need to drop off tlm at his school. so i carried the bike into the car first. usually i would park the car and then wait for the feeder bus. i would either be lucky to get the 7.45 bus but more likely it would be the 8.00 bus. the bus ride would then take another 30 minutes. with the bike, it takes me less than 15 minutes to ride to the station. so i save some time that way. no bus fees. translates to a savings of RM 40/month. not counting any other savings it would take me 21 months to break even from the investment. hehe but it would be much sooner if for some reason the feeder bus fees would also be revised la kan.

but then again the benefits are aplenty. at least i get the exercise and also i'm not contributing to polluting the environment eh. hehe.
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