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i don't envy them lions..

i was watching bits and pieces of this program on the discovery channel. wild sex. hehe. well this one particular fact about the lion that really piqued my curiosity. it was stated that on average, for every one cub that is born, the lions have to have sex 3000 times. the male lion would have to have sex every 15 minutes! and it seems that the female lion is also very particular in the technique in which the male lion needs to do to ensure total satisfaction, to encourage the release of the egg. but seriously speaking, every 15 minutes?? 3000 times? hmm, that would put a serious dent to ur ahem hmm package. hence i don't envy the lion.

a lot has been said about the recent hike in petrol price. talking about it and complaining about it will probably be good for a few minutes but then once the reality sinks in u'll realise that ur screwed no matter what. so might as well try to figure out how u can cope with it all. the following analysis should be taken with a few pinches of salt (just use imaginary salt because we don't want to be wasting real salt eh)

the first thing that we need to do is to assess our current lifestyle. analyze what are the luxuries, necessities and plain ol waste that we may have. example, me staying up late using the computer updating this blog is a luxury. what with the impending increase in electricity rates and all that. nope. i should only update the blog at the office. using office equipment and office electricity. that should spare me the grand sum of a few cents for my trouble. yeah. it would probably get me into more trouble la kan but hey, u have to do what u have to do in these trying times.

going to the cinema is also a luxury. hmm. u need to drive/commute to the nearest cinema, pay for parking, food and beverages, for the three of us one movie outing would cost us slightly less than a hundred ringgit. that's 37 liters of petrol! what u need to do is to spend at least 10 ringgit on a fake dvd and watch it at home. or better yet watch it at the office using office equipment and electricity. heh. that'll save u a few bucks.

i use to buy a music cd every month. yeah. that's definitely a luxury. i always buy original cds. dunno why. i could live with fake ps2 games, fake dvds but i always buy original cds. now. imagine how much u can save if u just download stuff from the net? torrents and what nots? hehe and if u use ur office equipment and electricity.. well u know la where i'm getting at.

the thing is, all of the above are already being done anyways. so? how else can u save?

hehe i was contemplating buying a bicycle so that i could cycle to the work.. yeah right. cycle to the lrt station. if i take the feeder bus, it would cost me 2 ringgit return trip. that would add up to 40 ringgit per month. hehe on top of that i could ensure i get some exercise. but i do have some concerns on leaving my bicycle parked at the lrt station. i don't see a place where u can park ur bike safely. so maybe i should get one of them folding bikes that u can carry with u on the train. hehe saw one selling for 499 dollars at this singaporean website. dahon curve something something. tried googling for any local resellers of the bike but so far i haven't had any luck. kinda regret not picking up skateboarding like my brother khalil.

now here's a guy who won't be adversely affected by the fuel hike. he goes everywhere on his skateboard. hehe that's probably why my dad can keep his iceblend costs cheap coz khalil would be the one running around to the nearest giant to get supplies on his skateboard. hehe i'm digressing.

the fuel price hike would definitely filter through other consumer goods. this one talk show i was watching in the morning advocate people to 'bercucuk tanam'. start planting vegetables and stuff for ur own consumption. i bet my mom and mother in law can make this work. they have green thumb the both of them. pity my place don't have space. or maybe i could turn the washing area into some funky hydroponic place where i will not grow leafy substances that would make me high.

i guess we all need to deal with this no matter what. but i tell u what. what i don't want to deal with is having some minister somewhere telling me that i need to cut down on this cut down on that. what cars do these people drive? and u get allowances for traveling and electricity. they don't face the jam coz they'll be the one causing it by having police escorts clear a path. u won't see them taking the lrt now will ya? entah la. its always easy to talk but we need to see some serious walk.

anyways, i think we all will scrape through this somehow. Malaysians are resilient like that. heh, but being resilient does have it's disadvantages, it gives the impression that ur able to stand a lot of crap thrown at ya. but u can only stand so much la...
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