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home economics 101..

so today i washed the car. saving a whopping RM 16 if i were to send it to the carwash at giant. apparently the matrix counts as an mpv so they charge u more than ur usual RM 10 for a normal sedan. which i find a bit ridiculous lah. so when we were out shopping for some baby stuff at sogo this morning we got all the necessary essentials to wash the car. sponge, wash cloth, wash and wax thingy.

so yes, got savings.

but then i spent 20 bucks to get some take out coz i didn't want the senorita to strain herself cooking.

so in the end it all evens out.

i guess its always a challenge to save on stuff when ur used to certain comforts.

the senorita was called into action for the flying monkees last saturday for my company's sports and recreational club treasure hunt. it was a last minute thing since our fourth member had to bail due to another commitment. she felt okay enough to contribute, and she put a lot of the 'not heavily pregnant' participants to shame. hehe.

tak nampak pewut..

we ended up getting second place. got caught by the tie breaker. question countdown. the winner is our closest rival. hehe. they're good. hehe. we started off pretty much on the same

level. but i guess they had more practice. but lets give credit where it is due. hehe. like rivals in a pokemon game plak. well we did get some isetan vouchers for our troubles. and muz and eju already redeemed theirs.

incidentally, khalil, asyiq and ana along with asyiq's friend entered the malaysian franchise association walkahunt held at berjaya times square. they got 7th place. hehe with no help from me pun. if the were to ask me for help, they would have gotten 4th haha. but knowing anak-anak raffali ni, we all can be a little stubborn sometimes. and confident and a little pigheaded. hehe. but i love them all the same.

we went back to keramat afterwards. wanted to come celebrate my dad's birthday which is today. my dad is 59 this year. hehe i still remember the time when my dad still celebrates his 35th birthday for the umpteenth time. hehe i love the old man. he definitely has grown softer with age. tengok dia melayan farzana, hehe, siap dengan his special song some more. hehe. kelako. anyways, we all had dinner, well those of us who were there la. the senorita was especially pleased la i guess coz she had a taste of the special iceblend that my dad doesn't sell.

we got home around midnight. i left my keys there. nasib baik the senorita brought hers. if not it was a long way back to keramat la gamak nye.

shopping for baby stuff at sogo is a revelation. hehe. you can get great bargains la. go la check it out. we had lunch at the food court. at our favourite minang food place. best. and its cheap. hehe, if i work around here for sure punya that will be the place i eat. but dunno la if it gets boring after a while eh.

the euro final between germany and spain tonight would be interesting to watch. from the gunners view point we have jens lehman in goal for germany and cesc fabregas, if he plays la that is, on the attack for spain. whoever wins, hopefully the fans get a good game eh.

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