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fold me a bicycle..

well i finally went and got myself a bicycle. and yes it's a foldie.

first foldie
after the three step folding process..

the senorita and i finally had the opportunity to have our anniversary dinner. at first we wanted to go to monte's at bsc. monte's was the restaurant where we had our first proper date. the senorita however was enticed by the prospect of bottomless refils at chili's so we ended up eating there instead. besides since we still celebrate our other anniversary, we can go eat at monte's then.

ta daaa

anyways, i found out last saturday that lerun malaysia also carries dahon foldable bikes at their rodalink stores. saw the add in the star. checked their website and true enough they do advertise on it as well. i called up the store and asked them about the models available. being on a budget i asked about the most practical and affordable model. which turned out to be the Eco 3. asked about the price and it was 899. did a little googling around. this aussie website was carrying for 500 dollars. dunno la what funky exchange rate was used to arrive to that.

anyways, since we were having dinner in bangsar, the senorita suggested we go check the store out. rodalink bangsar is situated at jalan telawi. i was as excited as a kid in a candy store. hehe. the last time i rode a bike was in form 3. tested the bike out in the store. it was a tad heavier than i expected. but only just.

waah like that eh?
trying it out..

contemplate punye contemplate. i decided to buy it. still trying to figure out the logistics of actually cycling to the lrt station, carrying the bike on the train, through the security check, up the lift, into the office. one would think that before i bought the bike i should probably check and see if all that i'm planning to do is possible. hehe but lemme stress some more. this is something that i'm doing for me!! and by any chance others want to follow suit than by all means jom laa. hehe and let the cycling revolution begin..

the dinner at chili's was excellent. hehe we'll always have a soft spot for chili's. i remembered when we were dating, i was having some trepidation with the places that we frequented. not la being cheap or anything like that but u don't want to set a precedence in which u only go to the posh/pricey places. hehe. previously my idea of posh was mcds and normal was mamak. hehe apa class. but i'm glad the senorita was equally comfortable in the mamak surroundings as she was everywhere else. so lucky la. especially when she wasn't shy to to pay her way too. guys take note. if a girl wants to pay let them. nothing wrong with that. jangan take advantage dah ler.

now that we've gotten our long overdue dinner outta the way, we can start to look forward to the impending arrival of little jj. its good that we have eachother for support. and u won't find a better support than the senorita, as u can see from this pic.

supportive mama..
already "supporting" little jj..

euro updates: GO ORANJE!! Nederland slaat Frankrijk 4-1 hehe. the dutch is playing the best counterattacking plays i've ever seen. hehe. woot woot. 2 world champions scalp already. and a goal for van persie. yeay. please don't go injure urself now aight.
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