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banyaknye stroller dia beli..

just now when i went up to finance this girl commented that oh you la the guy who bought how many strollers tu. apparently someone saw me with the big anakku plastic bag and indeed thought that i was carrying a stroller.


hari-hari beli stroller la itu macam.

i heard on the news that three members of parliament decided to cycle to parliament. but more of a show of protest than a change of lifestyle. they wanted to show the powers that be that its not easy to change. i think the intentions are admirable la but i can't help to think that this sorta portrays cycling as something that's really hard and demeaning. macam kalau terpaksa berbasikal tu disebabkan oleh tekanan hidup yang terlampau sampai tak mampu nak naik drive or naik public transport.

kalau berbasikal tu tandanya mahu protes. coz it's unthinkable to change just for the sake of change. mahu berbasikal kerana it is a viable alternative to the more costly and non-environmental modes of transportation, nope itu tidak bisa diterima. berbasikal hanya cuma untuk mendapatkan publisiti murahan saja. mahu meraih simpati.

i think we should move away from this negative connotation that u associate with cycling. if u look at the world over, there is significant drive and change to promote cycling as an alternative transport. save money and save the environment. but you do get incentives to do so la. better facilities, dedicated cycling lanes etc.

aku ni semangat semacam. pada hal such a newbie in this. i remembered my brother adi and his racing bike. cycle from serdang tu kuantan sebab nak release tension. his bicycle evolution even includes a classic ralleigh basikal tua which was stolen right infront of our house. jiran nampak tapi ingat one of my brothers yang bawak keluar. this one time we went to cash converter and he got this bargain of a racing bike that somebody didn't want. and more recently i think he traded that in for a roadbike. which i was told that he'll be bringing to terengganu for his couple of months attachment there.

and i'm sure there are a lot of other cyclist out there who have been doing their thing for years, yang tak kesah lansung about what people say when they cycle by. hehe to these people, i salute you.

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