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baby nak makan apa..

The gorgeous senorita was telling me about that Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown duet for a while now. But we never got the opportunity to hear it on the radio, together that is. She hears it all the time, but when I’m with her the song just don't want to come out. It seems like everyone else knows the song. Muz was humming to it when we were out hunting, my brother Khalil also sang a bit when he came over to help with some d.i.y. Maybe I don't listen to the radio enough.

Anyways, I finally heard the song. Hehe. No air no air. Kinda catchy tune. Hehe I’ve changed my ringtone for when the senorita calls to play that song now. No air no air.

Anyways, we took the opportunity to do some d.i.y over the weekend with the little munchkin being away and all. Granted assembling and mounting cabinets from Ikea is not really that hard. But with the senorita in no condition to help, I asked my brother Khalil to come over. We picked him up early that Saturday morning, had breakfast and came home to assess the work that needed to be done.

The senorita played the mandur part perfectly. Mandur cum designer. She sketched out the layout of the room and we were to follow the instructions strictly. Khalil was a great help. After a couple hours of drilling and screwing, the office is now much more organized. I only took the afters pics, ghairah sangat nak mendrill eh. Dunno how long it would last la kan. Plus we're planning to convert it to little jj's room in a couple of years so another round of reorganizing would be in order then.

Afterwards we had some guest come in. Ome and the family were in the area, we got to meet the wife and his little zara. They hung out for a bit then we were off to keramat to send my brother home.

Oh did I mention that the senorita traded off her molly for a new Hyundai matrix? We were looking to restructure our finances with the impending arrival of little JJ. So the last treasure hunt served as a farewell of sorts. Molly served us well. But I guess it was time. Besides, the matrix would fit in well with the senorita's "Volvo" driving soccer mom image. Hehe.

farewell tour..

When we arrived at my parents it was already close to 7 pm. our favorite pisang goreng stall already closed by then. Tak dapat nak makan pisang. :( My sister and nephews were in puchong. Apparently Nabil is hooked on the playstation and since it is the school holidays he wanted to stay there longer. So the house was kinda quiet. My mom was doing some knitting. Ana was doing her side project. Hehe, I’ll let her elaborate more on that la kot.

When it was time for dinner, I offered to buy something at the local eatery. The senorita wanted ayam goreng kunyit and kuah lemak telur. I went out with Ana and we ordered daging masak merah, ayam goreng kunyit but we couldn't find the telur gulai lemak. So when we came back the senorita was kinda disappointed because takde telur gulai lemak. Kesian baby tak dapat nak makan gulai lemak.

My dad, being very particular about what the baby wants to eat offered to cook the gulai lemak with telur, even suggested that it would be better to add belimbing. Gulai lemak belimbing + telur. My mouth was already watering. Eh siapa yang nak makan ni. They were out of coconut milk so I had to rush off to the nearest giant to get some. Not the instant one but the freshly squeezed one they do sell at giant.

So my dad pun cooked the dish and we all had dinner. The senorita tambah 2 kali. I tambah 3. Hehe sayangnye bapak mentua kat menantu dia. Ish ish ish.

hand and feet
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