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the appropriateness of acting one's age..

the statement is not conjecture. we should act our age. in this sense we are required to be matured in situations that requires maturity. but do we still need to act our age when we're dealing with matters where acting our age might divert us from finding real soultions or real options to whatever the problem may be.

sometimes i amaze myself with this ability to dwell in seemingly vacuous arguments.

i didn't ride my bicycle today. the senorita missed having breakfast together and she had been hankering for nasi lemak. since she won't be able to have nasi lemak during confinement she figured might as well have her fill of nasi lemak while she still can. how can i resist la. her la not the nasi lemak. so after i sent tlm to school, i dropped by our local mamak for my roti canai and her nasi lemak. made a pitstop at 7/11 to get some chocolate milk and bread.

apparently the seven e was robbed about two months back. a group of mat rempits forced their way in. now as a precaution, from 1am to 6am all purchases will be entertained through the door. which to me was kinda pointless la since u can just break through the door with much ease. i was surprised because i used to think that this was a safe neighbourhood. heck the police station is soo near by. but u do wonder about the price of convenience. having to open 24/7 sure makes u an easy target. i remembered a friend of mine who worked part time at a 7 e was held up at knifepoint. luckily he escaped unhurt.

anyways i think it best if they have metal gratings and just conduct business through a window after hours. invest a bit to ensure safety.

the senorita always worry when i go down to the 7e at night. me in my kain pelikat. very the hazardous okay. kalau nak lari kena sinsing kain takut la teroverexposed plak. hehe. dah la awak tu suka go commando. heh. too much info.

so i didn't cycle today. we had breakfast and the senorita was her usual chatty self. she was commenting on the fact that she's having less and less options of things to wear. i got noching choo weaw.. wear nothing also can what. i jest. so she dropped me off at the lrt station before going about her business. i was running late, but the best bit about running late is u skip the madness of the morning rush. siap dapat duduk lagi kat taman bahagia. heh.

so i whipped out my psp. plug in my headphones and played pokemon emerald. heh? pokemon? what's wrong with u? hehe well i have gpSP installed which basically allows me to play all them gameboy advance games on my psp. i love nintendo. i mean their games la. eventhough the games have this kiddish look to it, it still appeals to adults as well. back to the pokemon. i think i bought a pokemon game when i was in uni. i even got muz to join me to get all the 150 pokemon in the original game. can't remember if we succeeded in doing that.

i'm not trying to justify anything. people might feel that heck if ur 29 and u still want to play video games go for more grown up games. well i do play these games. i have the scary silent hill origins and the gory god of war available but the lure of the cutesy nintendo games still appeals to me.

er. is that it? that's ur whole acting ur age bit? hehe. well no.

when it comes to age, it is a common belief that u get wiser as u grow older. and with age comes a certain arrogance in which we just believe that we pretty much know everything and if some young upstart comes in with a different view point we tend to pretty much dismiss them without a seconds thought. remember those days when we were growing up, listening to our teachers and discovering things for the first time, we understood that there was a lot more that we didn't know and a lot that we could learn. the humility that comes with this acceptance made us more open what others have to say.

it would be so easy to get all political on this but i just can't be arsed.

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